Jul 1st 2019

5 Top Tips on Being a Successful Tempo Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador has a ton of benefits – it builds confidence, there’s flexible working hours, excellent networking opportunities and most importantly… the merch! As a brand ambassador you are responsible for creating a positive connection to a brand. You’re aim is to drive brand awareness, and in the case of Tempo, driving candidates to our platform. So we have decided to share with you a few top tips on how to smash it as a brand ambassador.

1. Be yourself

We just want you to be enthusiastic about Tempo and what we do. By injecting your own personality into the role our brand will seem more authentic.

2. Be proactive

To be a successful brand ambassador you need to show initiative in how you can promote Tempo… such as working closely with societies.

3. Be social

Chat to all your peers and use your social channels to raise awareness about our brand and how we can help students find their dream role after uni.

5. Be communicative

A fundamental part of the job is to humanise the Tempo brand by making positive connections with people. You should be acting as the face and voice of Tempo, bringing with you charm and charisma.

But most importantly…


It’s important that you enjoy yourself and get a buzz out of the role. You should see it as an adventure as it’s exciting to help Tempo grow as a brand and yourself with us.

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