Jun 15th 2018

The amazing benefits of a temp job you didn’t know about

Temp jobs can have a great appeal to the likes of students or fresh grads, new parents, wandering souls, or simply those wanting to gain some new skills and insights in different industries. Here at Tempo, our range of temporary work on offer empowers you to live your life the way you want. Your career, your terms.

Read on for some of the benefits in temp working, that you might not have considered before…


Number 1, welcome to having a life! One of the best things about temp work is that the hours are often flexible, meaning that you can choose whether you want to do full-time for a couple of weeks, part-time for a while, evening shifts, morning shifts… You decide.

This flexibility allows you to arrange working hours that can fit around other life commitments, like dropping the kids off at school or working around doctors appointments (or taking that all-important mimosa brunch with your bestie. It’s called self-care, mkay?)


Temping is an amazing way to dip your toe into something new and gain valuable experience in a new area. You may find you enjoy working as a PA in a corporate environment, or as a team assistant in a tech startup. Sample work life in a different industry (or simply try out a few different things to find out what you like best) by checking out some of the options we have on at the moment with Tempo.


Temp jobs usually offer the flexibility that perm roles don’t, meaning you are able to take more control over your life – whether it means working somewhere else for a while and switching jobs, or making other life plans like going off travelling for a while.

Temp roles are often only contracted for a few months at a time and this can help you discover your passions and your long-term aspirations. We have plenty of local job vacancies ready and waiting for you to discover on our website now, come and take a look.


Working somewhere temporarily opens the doors in so many ways; one of which is the opportunity to massively grow your network, instantly. As soon as you start your new job, you are surrounded by new team mates, and maybe dealing with different clients and suppliers too. Whether they can help you out or give you good references, it pays to be friendly with everyone. Who knows where some of these connections could take you?


Temp jobs can often benefit your CV, as they look better to employers than blank spaces in your job history. They also show that you’re willing to get stuck into a role, adapt easily and aren’t afraid of change.

Getting a temp job is the ideal solution for so many people. Whether it’s the flexibility factor, experimenting with different areas, or widening your network; temp jobs allow you to take control of your life, earn money while you’re at it, and get to work with some awesome companies. Sign up on Tempo in minutes, and take control of your life 😉