Jun 10th 2021

4 fun ways to celebrate Pride at work 

Happy Pride Month! Pride commemorates the Stonewall Riots that took place in June 1969 that inspired the historic gay liberation movement and the fight for LGBTQ+ rights that followed. As a result, many pride events are held during June to recognise the impact LGBTQ+ people have had in the world. 

Celebrating Pride at work offers a chance to celebrate diversity, show support for your LGBTQ+ peers, learn about Pride history, raise awareness of the continued oppression, and consider the ways that you can contribute to creating a more inclusive society.

And whether you’re in the office or working remotely, here are four fun and simple ways to keep the spirit of Pride alive in the workplace.

1. Decorate your space 

Brighten up your physical or virtual work space with Pride themed decorations as a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re back in the office, this could be as simple as putting up a Pride flag and rainbow coloured decor. If you’re working remotely, you can still take part by changing your Zoom background as a small but effective way to show your solidarity. These steps can increase employee morale as a visual representation of your support may encourage inclusivity and a sense of belonging.

2. Learn about LGBTQ+ history

Raise awareness beyond changing your company logo to a rainbow flag. A huge part of Pride month is focused on learning about LGBTQ+ history and the leading activists who helped pave the way for LGBTQ+ rights. A great place to start can be with a discussion about The Stonewall Riots, the role of Marsha P. Johnson, and why June was chosen to be Pride Month. It’s important to learn about the struggles the LGBTQ+ community still faces today while fighting for equality and the progress we’ve made so far. Other ways to spark a conversation could be by hosting a lunch and learn on queer history or by sharing insightful resources, such as articles, books and podcasts, on your work communication channels. 

3. Pride themed socials

Postponed Pride parades? No problem! You can bring fun into your office by running socials which celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Examples of events you can run in-person and virtually:

  • Pride bingo
  • Quiz on Pride history
  • Book club celebrating LGBTQ+ authors
  • Watch a movie that celebrates the queer experience
  • Dress up day
  • Pride potluck

4. Donate and support LGBTQ+ causes

One of the most meaningful things your company can do to mark Pride is to make a company donation to a LGBTQ+ charity. This way, you unite your team by working towards a common cause and instil a sense of community. A great way to encourage donations is by running a company-wide fundraiser through events such as a bake sale, where your employees can bring in homemade rainbow treats and donate the proceeds to a charity or small business of your choice.

As you begin to think about what your company can do to celebrate, remember to have fun but don’t forget what LGBTQ+ Pride is about: appreciating the diversity of your team, encouraging inclusion and equality, remembering the progress that has been made, and celebrating love in all its forms.