Jun 26th 2020

6 companies with innovative recruitment processes

Some companies really know how to stand out from the crowd when it comes to attracting the right candidates. From simply sending in video applications to using an interactive game, recruitment processes can have a huge impact on a company’s employer brand, and the quality of applications. 

In fact, 35% of candidates say that the application process makes the biggest impact on whether they accept a job offer. By stepping up their recruitment game, companies can go from having just your run-of-the-mill application to offering a candidate experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Here are 6 companies with online applications that gives them a competitive edge. 

1. McKinsey’s problem-solving game 

McKinsey & Company, a strategy and management consulting firm, have focused it’s recruitment efforts on hiring candidates with strong problem-solving skills. By using an interactive game to test a candidate’s abilities, it is able to spot the cream of the crop whilst giving the candidates a chance to showcase their skills in an interesting and engaging way. 

2. Unilever’s psychometric games

A recent survey we did showed that nearly 75% of businesses value soft skills as important in the workplace. Unilever uses behavioural assessment games to evaluate a candidate’s personal traces and measure their potential.

It is quick, innovative and provides the detailed feedback candidates are looking for at the end of it. That personal touch, feeling as if they have learnt something, is what makes for a great candidate experience.

3. Lloyd’s virtual reality assessment 

All applicants attending Lloyd’s Banking Group assessment centres have the chance to show off their skills using a virtual reality tool. It allows Lloyd’s to recreate all kinds of scenarios and puzzles that wouldn’t be possible in an ordinary interview process. This way both Lloyd’s and the candidate can get a feel for whether they are right for the role. 

One candidate Pav Chakal says, “The tasks really make you think and definitely aren’t like the run-of-the-mill exercises at other assessment days.”

4. RedBull’s Wingfinder assessment tool

RedBull’s career site has an energy to it that most other companies don’t have. An interactive map highlighting their global footprint and content to show candidates they are more than just an energy drink. But what really stands out is its four-part assessment tool, Wingfinder, that helps candidates identify their unique strengths. Using fun, interactive questions the assessment focuses on four key areas of professional success, followed by individual, personalised feedback. This helps them not only in their role at RedBull but in their future careers too. 

5. McDonald’s “snaplications”

This clever take on applications lets people participate in brand activation while applying to McDonald’s at the same time. Using a McDonald’s branded filter, candidates can record a 10-second video talking about themselves and send it to the big chain as the first step in the application process – bringing to life the candidate and their skills right from the beginning.   

6. Mogul’s “join the team for a day” 

The last round of the hiring process at Mogul looks a bit different from your usual job interview. Instead, candidates spend a day in Mogul’s office working on the team they’re being considered for. This helps candidates get to know their potential colleagues as well as a real sense of the work culture. It also helps Mogul to see if they would work well in the team.  

Tiffany Pham, CEO and Co-Founder says, “it’s for us to see whether they’d be a great match for our culture as well.”

Since introducing this, no one has quit the 50-person company in three years. 

By creating their own unique processes, these companies are disrupting the traditional recruitment methods to give themselves an extra edge. Through inspiration and innovation, this different approach to applications not only improves an employer’s brand but leaves a lasting impact on a candidate’s overall experience.

At Tempo, we use video to give candidates that extra edge when applying for jobs. It allows them to showcase their skills and for their personality to shine through. Head over here to check it out.