Oct 19th 2020

6 online learning platforms to advance your skills in a pandemic

In today’s working world, constantly learning new skills has not only become the norm but also essential. New skills not only help you develop throughout your career, whether it’s in your current role or a different career path you wish to go down, but they also give you a competitive edge that will be invaluable if you apply for a job in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Whether you have always wanted to learn basic coding, sharpen your math skills, or develop artistic powers, these six online learning platforms offer a range of courses from those that know best. The world really is your oyster. 

6 Online learning platforms 


By signing up for Masterclass you can learn new skills from the very best from anywhere you want. You could learn how to negotiate with Chris Voss or improve your creativity and leadership with Anna Wintour. Not only improving your skillset but learning from some pretty big names to add some extra spice to the lessons – who doesn’t want that?


Coursera offers a wide variety of courses, including the popular Google’s Python Crash Course. From one-time workshops, professional specialisations and master’s certificates, you can learn at your own pace, with 100 percent of it being online. You can then show off these sparkly new skills by sharing your certificate with future employers. 


Fancy developing your creative skills? Well, Skillshare offers video-based courses to boost your creative development such as creative writing, design, photography, and more. It is a chance to gain inspiration and allows for exploration that enhances expression, learning, and application, taking the next step in your creative journey. 


Have you always wanted to learn to code but don’t know where to start? We have the perfect answer for you. On Codeacademy, you can develop your coding skills whilst having fun at the same time. They strive to give you the best learning experience, making it the go-to platform for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python and more – whatever your level. 


We live in a world surrounded by technology. You are probably using it to read this blog right now. So why not become an expert in it? Pluralsight offers the chance to learn how to use a whole range of things, from Photoshop, digital marketing, software development and more. It gives you endless knowledge to master your craft through the world of tech. 


If there is one thing that will give you that extra edge in your career, it’s knowing how to speak more than one language. It broadens not only the types of roles you can apply for but also the global location of the role. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, Babbel’s expert-crafted lessons, on a fun and engaging platform, will have you covered. 

There you have it. Six online learning platforms that will help you excel in your career and put you ahead of the crowd to find a job in this uncertain job market we are now all facing. Plus, you might just have fun while you do it. So go ahead, choose one that tickles your fancy and get learning. 

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