Aug 5th 2021

6 reasons why internships will help in your career

The concept of internships has been around for a very long time, but to this day it is still very common to come across questions such as “is doing an internship beneficial for my career?”, “is an internship actually worth my time?” and even… “what does an internship entail?”. To these questions, most employers would say YES! It is worth it and it is beneficial, but first, let’s dive headfirst into the question, what is an internship?

The concept of internships originates from medieval times (yes, really!) when craftsmen would offer to take apprentices under their wings to teach them valuable and unique skills. Nowadays, the concept has slightly evolved and has taken shape in two forms, one being internships which is usually a fixed period of time and the other being apprenticeships. The differentiator is that in some cases internships (but less so in recent years!) can be unpaid whereas apprenticeships tend to be paid and for a longer fixed period of time.

Top benefits of internships

There is quite literally a plethora of reasons why internships are beneficial for you. Below are the most common reasons as to why you should consider doing one:

1. Gives you valuable experience

Most likely you have been in education for most of your life and have been tucked away from the “real world” – i.e. working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. If that’s the case, then it means you’ve probably not got a vast range of skills to set you apart from the student pack that you’ve been part of for so long! By completing an internship you will not only gain valuable experience but will also give you the upper hand when it comes to setting off into adulthood post-university.

2. Helps guide career goals

A lot of the time we go to university thinking we want to pursue a long-life career as an English Literature teacher or a Historian, but we end up coming out uninterested in the very topic we once loved due to the exhaustion and burn-out of university. Completing an internship can determine what you’re truly passionate about and interested in within the short-term experience, and finding out early on what these likes and dislikes are can benefit you in the long run.

3. Exposes you to the right people

Having contacts is always a plus, especially when you’re about to leave the university bubble to head into the working world. So, what better way than completing an internship and making life-long connections along the way? By doing an internship you’ll be able to get great exposure to senior management, large-scale projects and access to important meetings. Building a good network of professional contacts through work exposure is A+ as it can lead to great future opportunities.

4. Provides access to a variety of industries and opportunities

Internships usually allow you to move around the company you’re interning at or at least exposes you to different areas of the business, which is incredibly beneficial, especially if you’re unsure of what you want to do. It not only gives you an understanding of different sectors and tasks you would be working on but it also provides you with an insight into what you seek out from your possible future career path. Not being pigeonholed from the onset gives you the freedom to try out new areas of a business without any real long-term commitment.

5. Builds a great resume

It’s all fun and games having an internship under your belt and the transferable skills needed to WOW employers, but what’s the point if your resume doesn’t highlight this? Completing an internship and adding the projects, skills and duties carried out during your time as an intern to your resume can really set you apart from other applicants – it could be the make or break on whether you get that dream job straight out of university! 

6. Builds confidence

Last but most definitely not least out of all the benefits is that completing an internship can truly boost your confidence. The thought of finishing university and having to go looking for a job can be very daunting. However, getting those nuggets of experience along the way can benefit your personal self-belief of what you’re capable of doing when you set your mind to it. You will witness first-hand how leaders carry themselves and what their work ethic is like,  so one day that can be you inspiring and guiding others.

Now, since we’ve hopefully convinced you to take the leap of faith and complete an internship. Tempo has launched our very own Internship programme! How does it work you ask…!? Well, just carry on reading below!

How Tempo Interns work

Tempo Interns have three intakes a year – July, November and March, and all internships are four months long within four different areas to choose from: Sales, Customer Support, Marketing or Operations. All internships are paid and they allow you to gain some valuable experience at some of the UK’s most exciting startups, as well as putting these 6 reasons into practice! To best keep an eye out for opportunities, hit the button below.