Apr 23rd 2021

Shattering stereotypes: 9 reasons why you should consider a role in marketing

A role in marketing certainly does have its appeal. Marketing is inherently cool. It is a world filled with change, innovation, and the latest technologies. Think about how many people you can now reach simply through social media. 

From the outside, it seems like the perfect career, working with exciting brands, getting creative, and even crunching numbers. But what is it that makes all those marketing job roles so special? And most importantly, why should you consider it as the perfect work adventure? 

From a great work-life balance to fantastic career prospects, we have pulled together a list of reasons to help show you why marketing is stealing the show. Take a dive below and you will undoubtedly come out the other side asking – where can I get a role like this?

Why you should consider a role in marketing 

Excellent career prospects 

Marketing is a growing industry. Technology is constantly advancing, with a 4.2% growth rate in the global tech industry in 2021. This not only opens up a whole new world of companies to market within the startup tech industry but also allows people to market more effectively. This means you can not only rise up the ladder but also specialise in a whole range of opportunities within marketing as a field. 

Fancy diving into digital marketing, or market research, or even branching out into related fields such as PR marketing and advertising? There are hundreds of marketing job roles – the world really is your oyster with a career in marketing. 

You don’t need a degree 

University isn’t for everyone, you don’t have to start out in marketing graduate jobs. And, in fact, when it comes to marketing there are a number of ways to start a career in marketing. You can gain work experience through temp work at a cool startup or by signing up for learning platforms to help you upskill. You can even start out in a sales role and then work your way into marketing. Tie this in with soft skills you have learnt through side-hustles or other experiences and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t land a role in marketing. 

Promote a brand you believe in

Every business needs marketing. This is great news for you, as it means that your skills will be in demand across a vast range of fields. Whether you want to work for a big tech giant, a marketing agency, your favourite brand, or even a charity – you’ll always have the chance to work on something you’re passionate about and whose mission you believe in. Marketing startup jobs also allow you to work in tech and make a real impact on the company, growing with the brand whilst you owning your own. 

Gain transferable skills 

A role in marketing will teach you more than just marketing skills, you will also learn a host of soft skills that will be easily transferable if you wish to change careers. You will learn everything from commercial awareness and analytical skills from diving into data, to creative and communication skills. Skills like these should not be underestimated and are invaluable for any role you decide to pursue. In fact, a recent study we did showed that over three-quarters of businesses believe that transferable soft skills such as these will be more important than ever. 

It’s social and collaborative 

There might be an “i” in marketing but this is an industry that is all about the people. It is mainly a human field and with a marketing job, you will spend your time figuring out how to connect with your audience in new ways but by doing so working as a team. This makes a career in marketing the perfect choice for anyone who likes to work closely with people, with working days that are highly interactive and collaborative. 

Chance to get creative 

Fancy a job that appeals to your creative skills

Marketing is one of the most creative industries there is, constantly calling for new ideas and innovative ways to turn a business idea into original and emotive content. Not many jobs combine having a business acumen with a creative flair. From launching exciting campaigns, creating content that’s fresh and topical, and working closely with design on different projects, you won’t be short of ways to apply your creative spirit.   

No day is the same 

Justin Gray, Founder of LeadMD, says “I love that no two days ever feel the same and during the course of those days I’m able to exercise every marketing muscle I have.” 

The marketing work environment is often fast-paced and you turn into a jack of all trades. You will get involved in all aspects of the job, even if that is something as dressing up as the company mascot for a social media post. And thanks to the growth of digital platforms,  ways to reach your audience are constantly growing, meaning you constantly learn new tools or techniques. This is especially true in tech startup roles as it is fast-paced, with the opportunity to push out new initiatives on the pulse. 

Learn from everything you do 

In any job that you do, you will learn from your success or your mistakes. But this is even more true when it comes to working in marketing. Through the use of tools like Google Analytics, you can use data to show you where you are going right, but also where you are going wrong. This gives you the opportunity to drive a high level of success by gathering a whole world of insight into your audience for future activities. 

Good work-life balance

Are you someone that likes to have their evenings for a drink with friends, or keeping up your passion for photography? A career in marketing allows you to do a job you love whilst also doing the things you love, leaving your work behind when you clock off. 

You can work from home by applying for one of the many online marketing jobs available. A Marketing Assistant role has even been rated as number four out of fifteen of the best jobs to have for work-life balance in the UK. 

If more than half of these reasons jumped out at you, then it is likely this is the perfect career choice for you. And if that is the case, then just as we said, you are probably wondering where you can access the world of marketing careers. The Tempo platform matches you to marketing jobs at the UK’s most exciting startups. Hit the button below to get started on your marketing adventure.