Oct 31st 2018

The Creepy Side of Recruitment This Halloween

Has it ever crossed your mind that the traditional recruitment processes are the stuff of actual nightmares? High agency fees, long, drawn-out processes, and a backwards way of assessing candidates (how much is one side of A4 really going to tell you about someone?)

And if you’re not going through an agency, you’re using a job board, which brings swathes of irrelevant applications you have to spend all your time sifting through. (Fun fact: in the days before Tempo, one of our team members had to go through hundreds of CV print-outs on a 4-hour flight, as it was the only time they had to sit down and go through them all. Inconvenient much?) What you might be saving on agency fees you are most definitely losing out on time.

Obviously this isn’t right. Neither of these options are ideal. This Halloween, we take a look at the most painful elements of hiring, that should haunt you no more

FRANKENSTIME The slow and hideous creation of traditional recruitment

THE COUNT Money-sucking creature from the recruitment darkness / from the dark ages of recruitment

PHANTOM OF RECRUITMENT Known to haunt lonely candidates. Twice a day.

WICKED WITCH Boiling up the perfect recipe to prevent you from choosing a career that works for you / Casting a spell on your job search