May 6th 2022

Everything you need to know about Tempo’s 22/23 Super Startups List

The Tempo Super Startups List is entering its fourth year celebrating impressive startups across London and Manchester. Over the years, the list has evolved into a beacon of recognition for amazing scale-ups and an opportunity for job seekers nationwide to discover the best places to work for. And now, we’re excited to announce that this year’s version is even better.

Read on to explore everything you need to know about this year’s Tempo Super Startups 22/23 awards and most importantly, the opening day for applications… 💪 

What is the Tempo Super Startups List ?

Our Super Startups List began as a way for startups and scale ups across London and Manchester to be recognised for creating fantastic opportunities for rewarding careers. A combination of factors were considered, for example, impressive fundraising, exploding employee growth, outstanding company reviews or admirable staff experiences and culture, the aim was to ultimately get potential candidates exposed to the hottest startups to work for. 

The term “Super Startups” came from the idea that each individual company has its own “super power” and should definitely be on every candidate’s watchlist. Each company that ranks on the list has its own stand-out superpower that differentiates it in the market. Check out our previous winners! 

We’ve enjoyed recognising companies in London and Manchester so far, but if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that things are flexible, remote and still very awesome! That’s why this year, we have decided to expand the list to include companies from across the UK. So if you’re a start-up founded and operating in the UK, this is a sign – get ready to make it on the 22/23 list.

What else is new?  

More exciting developments are here as this year, not only are we recognising companies outside of London and Manchester, but we are also opening an awards section for companies to recognise individuals and teams for being Super Recruiters. The past 3 years have been tough on all the functions but we are uniquely positioned to recognise that talent teams have seen some of the biggest challenges.

This will be an optional category to nominate teams for any or both of the following categories – Rising Super Star An opportunity to recognise a member of your talent team who is on the rise and celebrating their success Super Recruiter – Recognising a talent professional for outstanding performance and Super Talent Team – an opportunity to recognise your entire talent team!

How do you determine the rankings?

After the nominations have been received, the Tempo team dives into in-depth research mode to assess the hundreds of applications to determine their perfect fit on the list. This ranking is based on how companies compare to Tempo’s carefully crafted criteria.

What is the criteria?  

The list of nominees is formed based on criteria curated by leaders and investors of Tempo and is combination to your application answers as well as some first-hand research and validation from our side. We’ve made our application form as accessible as possible, you can make sure it is ready to go by completing all the areas in as much unique detail as possible. Here are a few tips for the application: 

  • As this is the UK Super Startups List, to be considered your company must be located in the United Kingdom and considered a startup business
  • Having fantastic benefits and perks is crucial to becoming a Super Startup. We love to hear about companies that get creative and listen to what their employees actually want and need. Impala ranked 4th place in last years’ Super Startup List with some of their employee benefits including a generous holiday allowance and a massage lottery – how relaxing!    
  • Your company will have unique “super power” that makes the scale-up stand out from competitors and let people know what you’re all about and why your business is an exciting place to work. For example, last year’s winner Juro, had their super power listed as, 

“Making it easy for everyone to sign contracts through automation wizardry”.    

This year, we’ll be taking it a step further and asking you to think about how your Super Power also translates into employee value, so be sure to level-up your super power by having a stand out EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to share with us. 

How do I take part? 

The application process involves answering a series of questions about your company’s funding, growth and culture. We’ve made it as accessible and respectful of your time as possible and the list has always, and will continue to remain free to take part! 

You’ll need to make sure we get your application, the process will open at the end of June 2022 and run until August 1st. Until then, make sure you check out our upcoming Super Start Up Series to learn more about how to be a super start up including tips from previous years’ winners. 

When do the nominations open? 

The applications for the Super Startups nominations will open in late June 2022. Keep your eyes on our company updates to make sure your company doesn’t miss out.    

When will the 22/23 list be released? 

Applications will be open until August 1st, so you’ll have time to work on your application. Once closed all applications will go through assessment and the official release of our Super Startups 22/23 List will be announced in an exciting celebration event in London in September. More details to follow.

Get excited…

Hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are for this new era of Super Start Ups and just as eager to get stuck in too. Start your journey by checking out our Super Start Up series content including events and best practice guides. 

Nominations are NOW OPEN. Put forward your company today!