Apr 10th 2018

Five benefits of hiring a temp

Whilst there are so many benefits to looking at temporary staff for your team, we’ve managed to whittle it down to just five:


The average speed from posting a job ad to hiring your new team member is a matter of days, with Tempo’s record being a crazy 27 minutes. In comparison to filling a perm role, which can take months, this is a super efficient way to hire if you have an urgent task on or simply don’t want to waste time finding someone new.

Create a profile on Tempo in minutes, post your job ad right away and start your search. It’s that easy. You could have a temp in your office tomorrow. Seriously.

Reduce your risk

You may have been in the situation where a CV landed on your desk and the applicant seemed perfect for the role. They have all the necessary skills (hard and soft), plus they even live close to the office. Brilliant!

You get them to come into the office and they blow you away during the interview. They accept your offer and start a few weeks later.

But, after a while it becomes apparent they are not as they seem, and it is not going to work out. If they’re in their probation period, it may not be an issue letting them go. If not, you may be stuck with them.

With a temp you don’t have this hassle. If they’re not working out, they can easily be replaced, giving both you and them the chance to test the waters before going into full commitment mode.

Save money

Yes, the hourly rate of temporary worker is usually higher than their permanent counterpart, but the temp will only be with you for a short time to help with a specific task or project.

You’ll find that hiring a permanent employee is pretty expensive. Luckily for us, Forbes, did the calculations and worked it out to be about £25,100. Wow!

What happens if that person doesn’t work out or leaves after a while? You’ve got to start the whole process again, spending even more money.

Expertise when you need it

Temps can bring strategic support when needed. There may be a specific task that urgently needs doing and no-one in the office knows how to do it. Instead of wasting valuable time trying to work out how to do it yourself, hire a temp with that specific skill to do it for you. It’s less stress for you and your employees will love you even more for not making them try to do it.

Hiring a temp makes a happy workforce

Temporary workers can offer much needed support when the workload builds up. Having a temp come in and help out will reduce the pressure on your employees. And, a workforce who are not stressed and overworked is a happy workforce!

To hire your perfect temp, create a profile on Tempo, and start your search today!