Jun 28th 2018

Liv 4 Success: Five Tips from our Head of Customer Success, Liv

We sat down with our Head of Customer Success, Olivia (or Liv!), for some top tips on finding work in an era of change…

“Whether you’ve just graduated from uni, or have been working hard in your career for a number of years now, there’s no avoiding huge change is afoot. Of course, the explosion of technology has created numerous new job titles that didn’t exist before, but it’s also shaped the way that we work.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your professional trajectory in this new landscape:

  1. Of course I’m biased, but number one: embrace new technologies to help you get the most out of your job search. Unlike other job platforms, Tempo uses video, where you can showcase your personality and tell your story in a much more human way. We also offer continual career advice and ways to help you do better. It’s quick, easy and free to sign up, so why wouldn’t you?
  2. Don’t be scared. There are new job titles coming to the foray (like Customer Success Executive, Growth Guru or Community Associate). Don’t let the unfamiliar put you off – chances are these are based on roles that have always existed; they’ve just had an update for the 21st Century. Take time to read the job descriptions, understand what the role is and what the client is looking for.
  3. Keep learning. Much like the huge evolution most industries have witnessed, you too need to always keep up. Sites like Udemy offer great courses at reasonable prices, and the General Assembly was set up as a tech-first education centre.
  4. Network. Leverage your LinkedIn connections, go to events, and talk to everyone. You never know where one connection can lead.
  5. Pace yourself. The downside to our always-on world is that it can be pretty difficult to turn off when you leave the office. Evenings, weekends and holidays are often interrupted, and while it’s great the rest of the team can call on you when they need help, learn to set some personal boundaries so you have that all-important “me” time.

There you go guys! At the end of the day, be yourselves and do your best :)”