Mar 27th 2018

Liv 4 Success: Five ways to nail your video interview (and get that job!)

Welcome to the new way of hiring; with video.

As recruitment experts and the creators of Tempo’s video platform, we give you five tips to nail your profile, so you can bag that job and say hey to Tempo.

Ok, so not all of us are totally comfortable with talking to camera, especially if it’s to blag a new job (talk about pressure).

But, as experts in this field, we have summarised the five ultimate tips you need to build your confidence and ace your profile video:


Just as you would for a normal interview, research the company first, review the job post and think about your relevant experience. Then, think about what you want to say, and – if it helps – feel free to jot down bullet points or a rough script on a notebook. This way you can practise while you rehearse, and use as a prompt when you’re recording.


These days, we all know you don’t need Spielberg and a production team to create a good video. Just using your smartphone will do, but make sure you are in a space that’s bright, quiet, and where there are no distractions. Not only will the good lighting and low background sounds make for a better and more professional video, but you will feel more comfortable by being alone and filming without any interruptions.


Even though you may be chilling in your room while you do this, remember to still treat this like an interview. First impressions count, and this means: Speak audibly and clearly; Dress appropriately (a shirt in a neutral colour is always a safe bet), and; Don’t overdo the hair and makeup (save that for the weekend!)


Don’t be afraid to re-record yourself a billion times if you feel the need to. This is the other beauty of video – just make sure your sister isn’t eavesdropping from the room next door!


Smiling has been scientifically proven to increase your chances of connecting with other people (and, given you are communicating with that person via a pre-recorded video, all the more reason to up the ante on your approachability). On a blog post from, they describe the smile as: “the outward manifestation of happiness and serves to begin to connect us to others. We are pre-wired to connect with others via this system.”

And as smiling releases happy hormones (ever heard the saying about forcing yourself to smile, even when you don’t feel like it? This will actually make you feel happy!) then a surefire way to warm up your potential employer is to put them in a good mood too. With the phenomenon of “body language mirroring”, we automatically copy the facial expressions of others.

So brush your teeth and think happy thoughts!

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