Jul 9th 2020

Furlearning: How candidates are upskilling during furlough

In April, we furloughed all candidates placed in temp work through Tempo that were suddenly let go and left without any support. We provided them with free access and a £100 credit to Learnerbly, a learning and development platform that offers resources including books, courses, webinars, podcasts and articles.

We reached out to three candidates to vlog their experience and share what skills they have been learning whilst on furlough – something we call furlearning! Watch what Gaby, Samantha and Robert have been up to:

Gaby Kennedy, Student Brand Ambassador at Tempo


Samantha De Guia, Customer Service Assistant 


Robert Cooper, Student Brand Ambassador at Tempo


Digital learning platforms such as Learnerbly and Masterclass provide the perfect opportunity for candidates to upskill, maintain mental wellbeing and build confidence. By keeping the mind stimulated through learning new skills, this can make the eventual return to work smoother and also open doors to new opportunities in the future. 

If you want to learn more about how candidates are making the most of COVID-19, meet David, Kara and Thami here.