Nov 25th 2019

The joy of giving: Helping homeless people into work this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again… Christmas is in full swing. Whilst many people are looking for a bit of extra cash to splash on festive activities, there are those who are in need of more than just that. They are in need of a job to put a permanent roof over their head.

Over the last five years the number of people who are homeless or in temporary accommodation has risen to over 300,000 across the UK.

Not having a reliable, permanent place to call home affects people negatively, from their health to their ability to find work. It is with this in mind that charitable organisations strive to help people in this situation find work to move out of homelessness and temporary accommodation for good, freeing up space and resources for people sleeping on the streets.

Through the use of technology, Beam connects homeless people, referred by charities and non-profit organisations, directly to supporters. Members of the public can then crowdfund employment training in their chosen career, helping them on their journey into long-term, stable employment.

Beam Support Specialists then work with these homeless men and women to set up an online fundraising campaign where they are able to share their story and background.

Each campaign has total transparency on exactly how each donation is spent so supporters can understand the impact they are having on the life of that person and the difference they are making. Meet Decoda for example. Decoda raised £4,880 for her training from 608 supporters. She’s now working full-time as a support worker!

The key to helping homeless people into work is ensuring they have a strong support network. People need to feel part of a community in order to thrive in their careers. Chloe, a Senior Support Specialist from Beam, says that “a lot of people we work with are isolated or have lost their support network. The best thing about Beam is that we are empowering people… championing them to find a stable job through constant communication between our members and their supporters.”

Providing financial support is always great in the short-term. But combine that with a strong support network and you can successfully help people find a long-term career and turn their lives around for good. In turn members often start donating back to Beam creating a full circle of support and social mobility.

By taking advantage of the rise of technology, as Beam has done, you can create an efficient and effective way of helping homeless people into work. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s innovative actions such as this that is just what we need to spread the joy of giving!!

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