Sep 25th 2020

Hiring with a podcast made simple

Hiring should be simple. Hiring remotely, hiring while babysitting, or hiring from bed. Hiring from anywhere at any time. 

Meet Hakon Junge, CCO at Capdesk. He is active in trying to share advice with candidates on the working world and improving the overall candidate experience. But since being able to work from home, he has had more time to dedicate to this and spotted a knowledge gap in candidate resources. This inspired him to start his own podcast, connecting candidates on a peer level to share their knowledge and relatable experiences with each other. 

Hey Hakon. To kick things off, how have you maintained a work-life balance whilst remote working? 

To be honest, this is pretty difficult to manage. I have often found that when you work from home you actually work more. But what I find helps is trying to separate home-life from your work-life. So I get dressed completely as if I was going into the office. I don’t just roll out of bed. Then throughout the day, I schedule my time, making sure that I go for walks and take a lunch break. By scheduling my time I am able to float between projects, keeping to my deliverables but also having time to work on personal stuff. And that’s where the podcast comes in. 

Agreed – you need to keep some sort of structure in place. How has working from home helped make the podcast a reality? 

In the past, I have burnt myself out between work and personal projects. But now with the flexibility that remote working has given me, it means I can do things like setting up the podcast and focus one hundred per cent at work, without this being as much of a problem. Having my own personal workspace also helps. In the office, I wouldn’t have a creative space where I can escape from the typical work routine like I do at home. This way, I can separate work from my personal life and enter into a different hemisphere of thinking. This is what allowed my podcast to become a reality. 

That’s really exciting that you’ve been able to do this. How do you find balancing work with doing your podcast? 

I kind of just float between the two throughout the day. I find that working on something of your own, where it’s one hundred percent return, makes me more efficient at my job. It forces me to be good at time management and also gives me a boost of energy that makes me more productive when I do my work. I find that being able to do both makes me more high impact, delivering more in less time. 

Sounds like you’ve got it just about right. Do you work more or less efficiently from home? 

Definitely more at home as there are no distractions. I can work without distractions at home and really get my head down, choosing when to answer questions over slack. But I think that is because I am more senior so I have learnt what I need to do to be good at my job. Whereas more junior people would benefit more from being in the office where they can ask questions and develop.

That must be the same for most people. What do you think inspired you to start the podcast now and not when you were in the office? 

I think it was a combination of COVID and working from home that made me realise at the end of the day, a job is a job. It gave me a sense of urgency to build something on the side as I realised it was good for you to have your own side-hustle so that your life wasn’t just all about work. Your job and your personal life should go hand in hand and remote working really drove this home. It’s important to have your own project so that if your job doesn’t work out, you still have something in your personal life to give you direction. 

Hiring remotely can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to face-to-face interviews. Many of us are working remotely and it’s time to embrace easy hiring, with instant matching to high-quality candidates, all in one place. Hiring should be simple. From anywhere at any time. Get started today.