Apr 30th 2020

New skills: How candidates are making the most of COVID-19

COVID-19 has sent everyone inside, and many of you will be wondering what to do with the extra time at home. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the news and social media posts, losing sight of what’s important to make the most of the current situation. Now is the time to get ahead and learn new skills that will help you develop. 

And we have three candidates that have embraced this opportunity in their own ways, with their own key focuses. 

Meet David, Kara and Thami

David, Progression Coach
Key focus: Skills for personal development 

I recently won a Masterclass voucher through Tempo. So seeing as I was a trained chef from my previous job, and my wife a keen cook, we decided to dust off the pasta maker and get cracking with some online cooking classes. It’s been a really cool and challenging way to keep my mind fresh whilst learning to make exciting dishes. 

“The extra time is all about going back to the basics and using this opportunity to further ourselves so that we come out the other side an even better person than before”.

And it doesn’t stop at cooking. I plan to learn the art of negotiation and might even dabble in a few singing lessons with Christina Aguilera – that’s if my wife can put up with it. 

Kara, Data Assistant 
Key focus: Skills for career progression

I landed a temp role at Farmdrop through Tempo and have been loving the extra time on my hands to really excel at my job, with my role at the company even being extended. 

“I believe in using this time for myself to broaden my professional skills and work productively so that I can put extra time and effort into my job”.

I have always wanted to learn how to program, and in the current situation of lockdown, I couldn’t think of a better time to just grab the bull by its horns and get on with an online course. 

Being able to fill in the gaps in my life with my passion for programming has actually been a blessing in disguise. It’s perfect for a career change down the line and even an added bonus to my current role. 

Thami, Student at Coventry University
Key focus: Additional skills to my degree

I am in my final year at uni and whilst I am glad I have this extra time to really nail my exams, the current climate isn’t proving easy to find a job for when I graduate.  

But instead of just calling it quits, I plan to soldier on with applying for roles whilst also completing a course in digital marketing alongside my degree. 

“I want to use isolation to finish my degree at the top of my game – with added skills in digital marketing to give me that extra edge so when an opportunity does arise, I will stand out from the crowd”.

These candidates might have different priorities during lockdown but their end goals are the same. They want to use this time wisely to learn new skills and come out of this slight dip in our lives as a more well-rounded person with something to show for it. 

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