May 28th 2021

How Moneybox uses Tempo as an online hiring tool

The traditional recruitment model is broken. Attracting, engaging, and recruiting the best candidates has and always will be the ultimate goal. But by using recruitment agencies over an online hiring tool, companies are struggling to recruit effectively and efficiently. Imagine what can be achieved by working with a tool that matches you with the right candidates instantly and for a fraction of the cost? It’s a no-brainer. 

This is where the all-in-one hiring platform Tempo comes in. We are here to make it simple. We supercharge your hiring teams by giving you all the information you want from the get-go, allowing you to run a smooth, candidate-friendly hiring process that includes screening, video interviews, and offers. Whether you’re rapidly scaling your team with temp staff or looking for the perfect permanent hire, our platform matches you to candidates instantly. This cuts out all the faff and reduces recruitment costs by up to 65%. 

To see for yourselves check out below how fast-growing startup, Moneybox, turned their backs on traditional recruitment methods and subscribed to use Tempo as a hiring tool to help them meet their business needs. 

The challenge 

Launched in 2016, the award-winning app Moneybox has been on a mission to help everyone save and invest for their future. It is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK and today has a community of more than 600,000 customers. But all this growth meant they needed to expand their support and operations teams so that their customer service still operated at the highest level.

Chloe Samarasinghe, Talent Executive at Moneybox, says, “We explored the market and there was plenty of volume. But the challenge we faced was hiring strong candidates in a quick amount of time.” 

As a business, they didn’t want to sacrifice the quality of candidates for the sake of making a hire. 

The solution 

Moneybox turned to the Tempo platform for help in hiring so that they could meet their business needs. Tempo was able to give Moneybox access to a large volume of top-quality candidates in a short space of time. Moneybox loved that they were not reliant on a recruitment agency to send them a shortlist of candidates.

“I preferred Tempo to other solutions as I could go on to the platform at any point in the day and shortlist candidates myself in my own time. The control was completely in our hands, with the Tempo team there to help along the way.”

The result 

  • 7 subscription hires
  • 8 days average time to hire 
  • £9,000 in cost-savings 

The process through the Tempo platform was so smooth, with a guaranteed high calibre of candidates, that Moneybox decided to turn to a yearly subscription. They have made seven subscription hires so far with a strong success rate across their customer support and operations roles. Tempo has become a tool to supercharge their hiring team whenever they need to find the right candidate for a role.

“We now go to Tempo as an additional hiring tool outside of our website rather than spending agency fees. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and has a high reward.” 

If you’re looking to hire candidates that are the perfect fit for your company, then head over to the Tempo platform and get matching today!