Nov 3rd 2022

How technology can be used to improve your hiring process

Technology is the way of life. Whether it’s using apps to deliver food right to your door or maps to get you to your next destination, we cannot escape from technology and we cannot deny its efficiency at getting us what we want. The same applies to the working world. 

In the recruitment industry, the impact of technology is becoming more and more evident in how it can improve the hiring experience for both candidates and hiring managers.

Since the pandemic, the labour market has become largely candidate-driven, which means that companies have to find ways to efficiently sift through thousands of applications whilst also hiring remotely. Technology can not only enable this but at the same time provide a better candidate experience to maintain your employer brand. 

Here are four ways you can use technology to open up a whole realm of possibilities in attracting top talent in the right way.

Recruitment technology for your hiring process

The use of video 

There are multiple ways you can use video in your hiring process, including:

  1. Video job descriptions. This creates a human element to the process right from the get-go. It puts a face to the company and helps to engage candidates early on. In fact, the candidate application rate goes up by 34% when a job post includes a video. 
  2. Video interviews. Video calls save a lot of time in the interviewing process and make remote hiring easy. It cuts out travel time and can even be much more relaxing for both parties. At Tempo, we offer video Q&As where you can ask candidates a series of questions to answer via video which will give you an idea of their personality and problem-solving skills, and ultimately speed up the hiring process. 
  3. Video feedback. Candidates highly value feedback. If they don’t hear back from a company, it impacts their overall experience negatively and therefore your employer brand. By using video feedback you give them what they want with an added human element for an enhanced experience. 

Social media 

Social media has had an impact on almost every part of our daily lives, including hiring. Platforms such as LinkedIn have enabled what is known as “social recruiting” in the recruitment industry. You can get a pretty good insight into a candidate and their interests from their online profile, with the ability to connect easily. With 73% of 18-34-year-olds having found their last job through a social network and 58% of companies having successfully hired candidates through social media platforms, why not tap into this technology trend?


We are always online today, even when we’re away from our desktop or laptops. This allows candidates to actively search for jobs on the go, and it’s stated that 70% of job seekers use their mobile devices when searching for jobs. Employers need to ensure that the process is mobile-friendly, with career pages and application forms fully responsive across browsers and devices.  

Artificial intelligence

This is where technology in recruitment is really starting to shine. AI can be used to automate different parts of the hiring process and make it more efficient. You’ve probably found yourself spending hours of your day answering candidates’ questions. Well, that does not have to be the case anymore. AI chatbots can do this for you, ensuring that candidates get the answers they need whilst you can focus on other things. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there. AI has even stepped it up a notch with the ability to screen CVs and find the best candidates depending on their skills, qualifications and experience. The Tempo platform does just this. We make recruitment exciting again by using machine-learning to match candidates with employers instantly and hassle-free.

Finding the right talent can be challenging and time-consuming, but embracing recruitment technology will free you from the mundane, allow you to focus on hiring top-quality talent efficiently and give yourself a competitive edge.

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