Jun 8th 2020

How the world of tech can help your job search

Technology is everywhere. It’s used in your daily lives, it’s in your homes, it’s probably even in your hand right now, and it plays an ever-growing part in the working world. In fact, technology investment in the UK soared by 44 percent in 2019 to over £10 billion

Although in light of recent things, the job market has been turned on its head, it’s the world of tech that is powering through not only as an industry but as a way for you to still find work. You just need to get creative. 

Seize opportunities 

Tech-driven sectors that enable remote working have the highest proportion of positively impacted businesses right now and are therefore looking for candidates that can help them continue to pave the way.

Mark Seeman, founder and CEO of StaffCircle, points out that “as software companies, like ourselves, look towards strengthening our products during this time, we are looking for skill sets that may not be full-time but certainly project-based”. 

By being flexible to the hiring needs of these companies, you can not only gain some great experience but can get your foot in the door to other opportunities out there. 

Social networking 

By using social channels to cultivate relationships, new and old, you’ll be able to build connections with influential people. Although roles such as operations and customer service have taken a hit in many tech startups, they are still accessible if you are proactive and reach out, even in these times. Just be crystal clear how you can add value to companies from day one.

Social media channels such as LinkedIn are the perfect way to do this. In fact, 73% of young candidates found their last position through social media. 


Online jobs marketplace

This is the quickest and most convenient way to find a job. Portals such as these provide the perfect platform for you to connect with employers. Tempo is your one-stop-shop for your next work adventure where, by simply creating your profile, you are matched to the UK’s fastest-growing companies that are still standing strong. Bulb, Learnerbly, and Moneybox are just a few that are ripe for the taking on our platform.

Global reach

We have all been thrown headfirst into a remote working environment. Whilst it’s taken some time to adjust, it has shown us a world where remote working is not only possible but also broadens our horizons. With businesses now globally accessible, you can pick from companies anywhere in the world without having to move. 

Keji Mustapha, Head of Network and brand at Connect Ventures, says “you can apply and work for a great company in the comfort of your own home”.

Great companies that are building-diversity rich teams. All thanks to the global reach that technology has given us. 

Stand out from the crowd

Blasting out thousands of mediocre applications isn’t going to get you anywhere. Now more than ever, it’s important to take a step back and really hone in on what you have to offer by making fewer but better applications. Going for quality over quantity and showing companies why you really care.

A great way to really freshen up your application is through the use of video. It’s a way for you to let your personality shine through to employers. Something that isn’t possible with a sheet of paper. At Tempo, we provide the ability to not only create a profile that is essentially your CV, but also the option to record a video to give you that extra edge. We have even found candidates are 72% more likely to get hired if they do so. 

There is a lot of uncertainty in the job market right now. But by changing your tactics, adjusting to the current situation, and embracing the world of tech you can open so many more doors to your next job adventure. 

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