Sep 14th 2020

How to maximise your Tempo profile

Welcome to Tempo

From sales and marketing to operations and support we are your one-stop-shop connecting you to the UK’s most innovative companies. Heard of Monzo? Bulb? Hello Fresh? They’re just a few examples of companies on our platform. 

Why create a Tempo profile

There are two main reasons:

  1. Profiles are a great way to show off not only your experience but also what makes you, YOU through your skills, preferences, bio and profile video. 
  2. Once you have fleshed out your profile and it’s complete, you can then get matched and apply to any job on the platform with one click. 

How to make the most of your profile 


We use machine-learning to match you to the most suitable roles as they get posted so be sure to fill out your experience as much as possible. This way you will have the best chance of finding the perfect job for you. 


There is no need to upload every exam result, just the most important ones, especially those that are most recent. Make sure all the dates are correct so there is no misunderstanding. 

Extra-curricular section

This section is specifically designed so that you can shout about all the experience you have outside of work. Whether you were head of a university society or completed the Duke of Edinburgh award, let employers see who you really are. Experience gained from these activities will have taught you soft skills that employers value in the workplace.

Profile features 

Our Tempo platform has a few features that make us different from other job boards. And whilst they are optional, making the most of them will give you the best chance of grabbing an employer’s attention. 

  • Bio. This allows you to explain a bit more about yourself and what you are looking for. 
  • Photo. This puts a face to your name and makes your profile more engaging. 

  • Video. Making the most of this feature is a no brainer as it allows your personality to shine through whilst giving yourself a competitive edge, helping you to stand out from the crowd. 


  • References. Having the trusted word of a past employer back up your profile should not go underestimated. It gives hiring managers confidence that you would be a great fit for the role and will boost your chances of getting an interview. 

Top tips for using the platform 

Your preferences matter

Make sure that they are up to date and correct as our machine-learning will match you to roles, including all our live roles, based on these preferences. These will appear in your “new jobs” tab. 

Start applying!

If you like the look of a role don’t hold back, click ‘Apply’. By being proactive you are increasing the chances of finding a job. Alternatively, you can also click “not interested” for the roles that aren’t for you, making it easier to filter roles and speeding up the job search. 

Tailor each application 

Your profile is your universal application on the platform. But you can tailor each application by using our note function. When you express interest in any role you are given the option to leave a short cover note. This gives you the opportunity to sum up in a few sentences; why you are interested in the role and any relevant experience you have.  

Keep on top of things

Be sure to stay active and check-in frequently as new roles are posted each week and our machine-learning only picks up profiles that have been active in the last two weeks. 

If you want to know more about how to find work then check out our Ultimate Guide to getting a job here