Mar 4th 2021

Spotlight: How Yolanda landed a graduate job in a crisis

You are more than your CV. So why let your application end up in a pile with hundreds of other applicants? It’s your time to shine. And this couldn’t ring more true if you are on the hunt for a graduate job. With the current job market being turned completely on its head and vacancies down by 50% in 2020, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is your ticket to getting hired. 

This is exactly what Yolanda did when she was made redundant as a fresh graduate. Through the Tempo platform, she was able to use her profile video and other features to showcase what she could bring to the table in a unique way to land her dream job. Making use of innovative recruitment tools is exactly what graduates need when they are competing against hundreds of other applicants with more work experience. 

Dive into how Tempo helped Yolanda show employers who she really was and land the perfect graduate job.

Meet Yolanda 

After graduating from university with a law degree, Yolanda wanted to go down a different career path and started working for a youth organisation while she figured out her next step. But she was made redundant midway through the pandemic before she got the chance. She was left unemployed and thrown back to the drawing board. 

The job climate as a fresh graduate 

Yolanda found that entering a working world that had been completely turned on its head was even more difficult as a graduate. “The whole job hunt process was disheartening as it was just rejection after rejection.” The biggest challenge she faced was feeling she had minimal work experience whilst competing against thousands of other applicants. 

This was worsened by the redundancies of many skilled workers, increasing the competition further. “They had been in a work environment and had more technical skills to offer than those fresh out of university and would be the ones to get the first pick.” While she was looking for a career change she was applying for two or three jobs a week, but she only got a maximum of two interviews a month if she was lucky.

Finding work through Tempo 

Yolanda decided to branch out of the normal job postings and look for more unique job opportunities. That’s when she remembered she had signed up to Tempo a while back and found the platform had just what she was looking for. 

She focused on really fleshing out her Tempo profile, approaching it as a great alternative to the traditional CV. She even watched YouTube videos by Tempo on the importance of a profile video and how to stand out from the crowd. After recording her own one, she was able to really sell herself and ended up landing a job at food-sharing startup Olio in no time. “Within two days I had two interview requests. I was like ‘Oh my god, this actually works’.”

How Tempo helps graduates 

After her experience with Tempo, Yolanda recommended the platform to other graduates in the same boat. “It’s made my life so much easier. It’s so simple and very well suited to graduates, having the whole process all in one place and not having to write multiple CVs and cover letters.” Yolanda made great use of being able to send messages to companies and would constantly be on the lookout for new job opportunities on the platform.

Yolanda found that the use of a profile video works to a graduate’s advantage as they can show off their personality and soft skills, especially if they can’t rely on lots of work experience coming out of university. “In a lot of my interviews, they said the reason I got to that stage was because of my video. It helped me to stand out – communicating what I was looking for and the key skills and experience that I could bring to the table.”

Job hunt advice for graduates 

“My number one advice is to persevere and to network.” Yolanda would approach the job hunt with a positive attitude and ask people far into their careers what she could do to improve her job applications. Yolanda also recommends online courses for transferable skills. “Due to the current situation, you should give yourself a head start on others by learning new, specific skills and attending webinars that can help mentor you through the job hunt.” She did a free course on programme management as well as learning to code and found that it gave her an extra edge in interviews.

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