Nov 25th 2019

In conversation with iwoca: Why pursue a career in FinTech?

The proliferation of FinTech start-ups and scaleups has brought with it a steep increase in the number of FinTech job opportunities. In fact, job creation in the FinTech space in London increased by 61% over the past year as London has cemented its standing as a global hub for financial technology start-ups.

We spoke to Niamh Keys, Head of People Operations at iwoca about why candidates should consider a career in FinTech.

What makes the FinTech industry such an exciting sector to work in?

FinTech is a thriving industry, growing exponentially at the moment and the UK is a real hub so it’s a really exciting time to work in this space.

For a long time finance was thought of as institutionalised. Big banks didn’t have to change anything about the way they were servicing customers because there was a monopoly on the market – who else would you go to? Now all of these start-ups are coming in and shaking things up, which is great to see.

From a finance perspective, the customer journey can always be made better. We’re (iwoca) a company that’s at the forefront of that. Iwoca is focused on how tech can improve the finance experience for small businesses: our mission is to open doors and help them grow.

What’s unique about the culture of FinTech?

I don’t know if I can speak specifically around other FinTechs but things move quickly at iwoca. We’re trying to do some very complex things fast to be the first to offer those services. We know that we’re all learning together, so there’s a real push for humility and debate.

Humility to know that we don’t have all the answers and that we should be questioning the assumptions that we come up with through a really healthy debate culture.

There is also an intentional step away from bureaucracy. I suppose that’s at the heart of the company mission as well. We are not making small businesses jump through the hoops that a big bank would in order to get finance. If we are removing those layers of bureaucracy at a product level, we should be true to that at a company level too.

In terms of career progression and development, what can FinTech offer employees?

You’re working with complicated financial products but you are also working with really complicated tech, so just from a learning perspective, that’s a lot of problem-solving for anybody regardless of the background you’ve come from.

Due to the rate of growth that FinTechs are going through, a lot of companies like ourselves are doubling in headcount in short periods of time. There are challenges for leadership and management and how you scale: you’re learning all the time.

There is also a huge amount of opportunity for people to be promoted. We have someone here that started out as a junior developer and now runs all of our backend engineering, similarly someone that started in office admin now runs our broker team here are so many great stories of people who have learned through a baptism of fire because of the growth iwoca has gone through and have made fantastic leaps in their own careers as well.

Niamh Keys is the Head of People Operations at iwoca.

FinTech is a clear career choice for candidates looking for an opportunity that offers strong learning, development and the chance to work in a fast-moving and exciting environment.

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