Jun 11th 2020

Remote work, hiring and culture at TransferGo

In a time where businesses are trying to navigate the new normal, we have decided to check in on a few to hear how life is treating them. From working remotely to maintaining company culture, we are all treading new waters and information sharing has never been more vital. 

This week, we are speaking to Viktorija Ramanauskaite, Talent Acquisition Team Lead at TransferGo, the go-to solution for faster, low-cost money transfers across borders. 

Hey Viktorija, how have things been for the Transfergo talent team during this time? 

From the talent team’s point of view, I wouldn’t say that we have noticed a huge impact. Hiring has continued largely as normal. As a team we’ve had to ask ourselves a few questions about our process, what onboarding should look like, and things like that. In terms of the talent pool we’ve actually noticed an increase in applications – perhaps due to people being furloughed. We also felt that some people are unsure or hesitant to continue their job search or change position due to uncertainty, however giving more reassurance and information helped to minimise this challenge. Our office is actually reopening this week but I’m going to use the time to work from home a little longer, I’m enjoying the break. 

With regards to the talent pool, are you seeing simply a higher number of applicants or has the quality changed as well? 

I would say that for more generic roles, such as customer service or account management, the numbers were definitely higher, if not too high! There has been an increase in the number of applicants that had very little relevance for the role but for more niche roles the quality of applicants has been higher.

For many of our clients, filtering through large numbers of applicants for especially junior roles is a challenge in itself. How are you managing this with the increased number of applications?

Traditionally, we have always tried to make the application form as easy as possible. However these days with an increase in applications, we have added some additional questions to help filter out candidates based on criteria such as work experience, education and similar.

Looking at recruitment more broadly in relation to Covid-19, how have your hiring plans changed?

Covid-19 has actually opened up some opportunities to us. We’ve learnt that we don’t just have to hire someone in the location we’re based in. Instead, this social experiment has shown that we can work remotely very well! For example, we’ll definitely be looking to hire engineers from different countries and allow them to work remotely. It has been a big mindset change.

Interesting to hear that you are now more open to hiring remotely! Following recent news that some companies will allow employees to work from home forever, do you think that you will follow suit? 

I don’t think so. At the end of the day we like to work together, be social and  interact. These things are a big part of our company values! That said, we are definitely going to be more flexible. We were flexible before this happened, but this thing has shown us that productivity doesn’t decrease when we work from home.

One thing I am really interested in is company culture and values. Have you been able to maintain the same working environment whilst working remotely? 

Since we went fully remote, our people team has come up with lots of initiatives to stay connected. Our Friday drinks have moved online, and we have even created an online dog meetup initiative! We have sent out a survey to the whole company to try and understand how connected people feel during this time. The numbers showed we are more connected than before and interactions have become more personal.

How have you found onboarding new candidates? 

We’re still evaluating the impact of everything so I probably can’t say that the results are amazing yet! We have tweaked our process so that we now start onboarding a bit earlier. When the person is hired, before actually starting, we give them access to what we call our information bank which gives a preview of what is to be expected and a little bit more about us. We then have three different stages of onboarding. First, onboarding from the people team who focuses on culture and procedural stuff. Second, the team itself puts together their own onboarding programme which includes being assigned a buddy. Third, a Newcomers Day where new starters get an opportunity to meet our CEO and to get an overview of what’s happening across the company. This is now taking place online of course.

One last question, and I’ll let you get back to work. Once everything is back to normal, do you think you will incorporate some of this online onboarding or revert back to what you did before? 

I don’t think things will go back 100% to what they were. Some things will definitely stay from this experiment. Not entirely sure which ones yet as we need to see the impact of the changes!

Thank you to Viktorija and the TransferGo team! It sounds like they have this whole remote working thing under control. We’re really interested in those virtual dog meetups 👀 Follow this link if you want to dive further into TransferGo’s hiring process.

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