Sep 26th 2019


Finding and landing that dream role can seem, at times, impossible. You firstly need to decide what road you want to go down and once that’s done, you find yourself competing against hundreds of others.

With so many different channels and initiatives to the job search, it’s arguably more important than ever to do whatever you can to stand out to employers. 

We understand that updating your CV, ‘selling’ yourself and signing up to new job sites can seem daunting and stressful. At Tempo, we have all been through this ourselves, and we’re on a mission to make finding work an adventure.

After all, finding a new job should be a fun and exciting thing.

So, to make sure that your Tempo profile gives you the best shot at landing your dream role, here are a few top tips:

Be as HONEST and as OPEN as you can. 

If you know what you are looking for and what would be the best fit for your skills and interests, you should fill in as much information as possible. We want to match you to the right roles so make sure your skills and experience are RELEVANT. Don’t just state the obvious, but be specific and put down the skills that make you stand out to employers – such as languages, knowledge of systems, and any courses you’ve taken.

Let your personality shine through by recording your video.

You’re 72% more likely to land an interview if you have a video and profile picture on our platform. Here’s how:

  1. Find a quiet, bright space to record your video so you don’t get interrupted midway through
  2. Dress professionally – get out of your jammies and dress as if you were going to an interview
  3. Prepare a skeleton script or have some notes ready so you can refer to them if you forget your words 
  4. Give a brief description of your experience. Make sure to include key accomplishments and things you’re proud of
  5. Talk about what motivates you at work and what you’re looking for. This gives employers an idea of whether you’ll be right for them
  6. Make it short and precise – on Tempo, you have 90 seconds to do your video, so make them count. 

Anything is possible with the perfect profile and some of our top candidates found what they were looking for with Tempo… quickly and hassle-free. 

Meet Sali who was in need of some temp work to help support her freelance photography. “I signed up, went for an interview and had a job within the week… with Tempo I have no concern about having consistent temp work whenever I need.” Our platform gives Sali the freedom to work from home so that she is able to pursue her passion as a freelance photographer. 

Whereas Brandon was looking for work after graduating from university and so signed up to the Tempo platform. “After completing my profile, I got shortlisted for a position at a really cool start-up called Kroll. Having the video on my profile allowed me to bypass the interview process, which made the whole process super quick and easy, and I got an offer immediately.”

Whether you are looking for flexible, temporary work or to start your career with a permanent role, it’s important to make the most of your Tempo profile. By making your profile really detailed and nailing that video you’ll have no problem landing your dream role! 

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