Mar 31st 2021

Kickstart Scheme: Women in Tech forum helps young people into work with Tempo

When the government launched its Kickstart Scheme in Q3 2020, we here at Tempo wanted to make a difference in getting young people into work.

Since the pandemic hit in March 2020, millions of young people were furloughed and 1 in 5 in this age group since lost their jobs, making them at risk of long term unemployment.

Tempo is passionate about connecting young people to exciting job opportunities, and we decided to act as an intermediary to make it easier for smaller businesses to gain access to hire on the scheme.

One of the companies who have successfully made Kickstart placements via Tempo is Women in Tech forum, an exclusive community of women and men who are looking to accelerate and grow their career in tech. 

Women in Tech forum is making 9 placements onto the scheme via Tempo, giving young people access to valuable work experience in a startup environment. The company had its first 6 hires join on 1st of March for their 6-month placements. Here, they will be working across a variety of fields – including sales, marketing, social media, event management, content creation and administration. In addition, they will work on a collective team project each month, to foster collaboration and greater engagement while working remotely.

Angie Vaux, Founder & CEO at Women in Tech forum, says, “We’re excited to offer this opportunity through the Kickstart Scheme. We are in the business of supporting and accelerating individuals’ professional development, so it is in direct alignment to support those affected by the pandemic and provide them with an opportunity to accelerate their careers.”

Each Kickstart placement will be given a mentor and coaching from Women in Tech forum, and career guidance from Hundo, who will offer in-placement support to help each Kickstart candidate become even more employable in the future.

Ben Chatfield, Co-Founder and CEO at Tempo, adds: “There are currently too many candidates and not enough job opportunities. At Tempo, we want to help create a future of skilled workers and by opening up our platform, we believe we can give young people access to a wider variety of office jobs and tech companies that they won’t find going through job centres. We’re really pleased with the results so far, including the placements at Women in Tech Forum.”

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

  • The scheme is created by the Government and aims to create new job placements for 16-24 year old who are on Universal Credit 
  • It is fully funded by the government, covering all costs at National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week
  • Employers receive a £1,500 Kickstart Scheme grant for each placement to go towards setup and support in relation to the scheme.

How does Tempo work with the Kickstart Scheme?

  • Talk to us to take part in the scheme and we will sort out the approval process with the DWP
  • Post your role(s) on the Tempo platform, get instantly matched to relevant candidates and arrange interviews, all in one place 
  • Make your placement(s) directly through the platform, and we will take care of all payroll and admin. 

Read more about the scheme and get in touch with us here.