Oct 4th 2018

Get Hired in Minutes Not Weeks

Day 1 – Find role

Day 3 – Start application

Day 4 – Send off application

Day 6 – Organise telephone interview

Day 7 – Telephone interview

Day 10 – First face to face interview

Day 14 – Second face to face interview

Day 15 – Send follow up email

Day 16 – Employer says you’ll hear by the end of the week

Day 20 – End of the week comes and goes…Nothing…

Day 22 – Send another email

Day 24 – Still nothing


This madness needs to stop.

The average hiring process is 28 days… Not only is this the case with recruiters, but also companies directly. You’ve trawled the internet for opportunities and finally found a job that looks great! You apply and… Find yourself having to fill in a 30-page pre-employment assessment. Great.

After days of completing an application you send it off. You get a call for an interview. It goes really well. You’re asked back for another round. And another. You smash it each time and follow it up with A* thank you emails because, let’s face it; you’re fantastic.

Then the waiting game begins. Weeks go by with no contact. You send an email and they reply ‘We’ll get back to you by Monday’’. Monday comes and goes…. And still nothing. You sit by the phone and the anxiety sets in. We all know this could be due to issues out of the hiring manager’s hands, but they should at least keep you in the loop.

It’s frustrating, inconsiderate of your time, and hardly makes you feel like the company really wants you. It’s enough to put you off the company entirely. If they aren’t going to put the effort into making you feel wanted, why should you wait around?

Here are a few suggestions of what to do whilst waiting to reduce the PIWA (Post-Interview Waiting Anxiety)

  1. Keep in touch. Call or email the employer. You deserve to know what is going on, or at least a time frame for when you will find out. Hold the employer accountable to respond with something like, ‘I appreciate you’re busy, but would you be able to let me know when I am likely to hear back on the role?’ Knowing a rough time frame can at least reduce your PIWA.
  1. Keep interviewing You don’t want to be too interested in the role you’re waiting for, as it can come across too strong and make you seem less desirable. Interviewing at other companies not only keeps your options open, but is a great way to keep your mind off the painful waiting for the other job. There are so many other opportunities out there, you might even find a dreamier job than the one you’re waiting for.
  1. Give up the role completely. Say buh-bye to a company who isn’t prioritising you enough to even reply to your email. You are an employable individual and there are a lot of companies out there who will snap you up.

In a world where you can order a cab instantly, purchase your morning coffee before even entering the shop, and check out online with a click of a button, why should it weeks or months to find a job?

Say goodbye to waiting and say hey to Tempo! Our fastest hire was made in just 27 minutes (not 28 days). So when looking for a job, why not give Tempo a go? You may even find a role in the time it takes you to make a cuppa… Not bad.