Mar 19th 2019

Liv 4 Success: Advice for new grads

You’ve done it! You’ve made it through University with a great degree to show for it and now the world is your oyster… But what do you do next? How do you even begin to start your career? Fear not graduates, we have compiled Liv’s top tips when it comes to the new chapter in your life now…


First things first: don’t panic. We know it can be a daunting experience; it’s the end of an era, where you’ve made some best friends for life, living in that university bubble and now, all of a sudden, it’s all come to an end. You are now in “the real world” and you start to feel that pressure to get a job. But don’t stress, we have all been there and I promise, it all works out.


Secondly, we totally understand the frustrations of employers needing people with experience – but the only way to get experience is to get experience! It’s a vicious cycle. But, what you lack in professional experience, you make up for in your energy, a willingness to learn, and, more than likely, digital skills. Some of your best bets to get employed without having had the experience yet, are to get on graduate schemes with larger organisations, or offer to roll up your sleeves and work from the ground up at a small company that will give you a chance. Often this can be the most rewarding.


It’s totally normal and, in fact (to some degree), almost expected of new graduates to come out feeling a little caught in the headlight, especially if you’ve not had much exposure to working life. One of the easiest solutions to this is to dip your toe into a few different companies in a variety of sectors, getting a taste of what your permanent job could be like, and to help you figure out what’s best for you. This experience will help you decide not only what industry but also the sort of culture you are after. It’s not like an exam, you won’t get marked down if you decide to go for something else. All experience is good experience. Of course, by using Tempo you can explore all these various options and gain some real-world experience before settling on your longer-term decisions.


Honestly, a job description can only tell you so much. At the end of the day, you miss 100% of the opportunities you didn’t take. If you don’t think the job sounds quite right, don’t immediately dismiss it – learn more! By applying to the job or attending an interview, you build a better picture of what is right for you and your career. You literally have nothing to lose, and, in fact, have two valuable things to gain:

  • The learning experience. If nothing comes of it, you gave it a go and will learn from it – even if it’s just building your confidence for future interviews.
  • You’ve created an opportunity for yourself that wasn’t there before. Of course, you can always turn down a job offer if it’s really not right, but it’s better to say no to an opportunity that you’ve created, than to have no offers at all!

Remember to create your free profile on, and don’t forget…The fuller your profile the better. Make it as complete as possible, including adding a video to your profile – this will drastically increase your chances of getting hired!

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