Oct 4th 2018

Meet Simona: The Grad

Tempo met up with Simona, a recent grad from Kingston, to hear about her story, and find out she did when she was fresh out of uni…

Meet Simona: The Grad

Sister, baker, and customer services exec

I studied Psychology at Kingston University and, to be honest, I kind of fell into recruitment after I graduated, as I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.

It turned out this was definitely not the career path for me, and I ended up quitting to get away from it. I had some money saved up and took some time out, but I was still left at a bit of a loss as to where to go next – especially with such a lack of professional experience (being fairly fresh out of uni).

And that’s how I found Tempo. It took two minutes to sign up and I really liked that they didn’t even need a CV from me (I’ve filled out so many long boring forms that take ages, so this was really nice and refreshing!)

Whilst I was always aware that people did temp work, I hadn’t really considered it before – nor was I aware of how to go about it. It was when I discovered Tempo that I actually stopped and thought to myself, “Hey, this could be good! I’m still not sure what I want to do, but that’s ok! I get to dip my toe in and try out different areas, sectors and companies – earning money as I go.

I’m now temping full-time for a really cool tech start-up! There’s flexibility in shifts, so, sometimes, if I want to work evening hours instead, I’ve got the daytime to sort out my life admin, do some shopping or just catch up with friends! I wish I knew about Tempo as soon as I’d graduated; it’s the perfect option for people in a similar situation to mine. And with it being super simple and straightforward, along with the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, why wouldn’t you give it a try?”*

It’s completely natural to not know what you want to do – even at the age of 40, let alone fresh out of uni! But by using Tempo, our smart technology makes sure your interests and preferences are taken into consideration – as well as your skills and experience – so you are matched with relevant roles based on more than just a boring CV.

It can be a difficult time finding the best career fit for you. Try out Tempo and we can lend a helping hand.