Oct 19th 2022

Meet the Top 3 Super Startups of 2023: Vita Mojo, Moss and Bippit

Tempo has enjoyed recognising the Top 50 companies to work for in London and Manchester over the past four years. This year, we expanded the list from 50 to 100 and include the hottest startups to work for across the UK! 

We received hundreds of applications and it was no easy feat selecting the Top 100 Super Startups of 2023. We do not just focus on the product, funding and headcount growth (like many other award lists!), but place an emphasis on what companies are doing to build an incredible environment for people to launch and grow their careers.

We’re thrilled to see Vita Mojo, Moss and Bippit place as the Top 3 Super Startups. We spoke to employees at each company to take a deeper look at what makes these companies such wonderful places to work at. Let’s dig in!

1st place: Vita Mojo

Superpower: Improving the way the world eats and drinks through transformational technology.

In 3 words, how would you describe the culture at Vita Mojo?

Taking Off Together 🚀

What makes Vita Mojo a great place to work?

There are many aspects of working here that make it a great place to work, however, the overarching theme is psychological safety which permeates our entire company. The People mission is to leave each Moji better off than when they joined, a part of which is a shared understanding of the importance of psychological safety and trust in relationships. This has been built firstly by hiring world-class talent. We ensure that the values are made prominent throughout the whole interview process, and everyone through the door understands them and already lives by them. This means they understand how to support and grow a place to work where you can really be yourself. 

Mojis feel supported here and listened to in a safe environment, where they can accelerate and become the best version of themselves. This is what makes it a great place to work.

Don’t just take my word, here are some quotes from our Mojis on what makes it a great place to work!

“Life at Vita Mojo is amazing because the investment into every Moji’s personal development is unparalleled. To be ambitious and progressive requires a lot of psychological safety. Here, I’m not afraid to try new things because I’m surrounded by incredibly supportive and talented individuals who all want to see each other succeed” – Tessa, Talent team

“I genuinely feel like Vita Mojo cares about every single employee. They constantly reinforce the fact that mental health is important, and put many tools in place to help ensure that everyone is supported as much as possible” – Sammy, Engineering team

“I love the inclusive company culture, the flexibility and most of all, being encouraged to keep learning and making new mistakes.” – Nabila, Marketing team

What are your company values and how are they promoted?

We always say to candidates in interviews that we live and breathe our company values (sounds a little cheesy) but here we actually do. Our founders, Nick and Stefan, originally did a lot of work around understanding what kind of people and culture they wanted to develop at Vita Mojo. A big thing was that they knew they didn’t want the values to be a set of corporate words splashed on a wall and didn’t actually mean anything. Companies often talk about the values and add them to their website, but then little is done actually to incorporate them or successfully promote their meaning. Our values are part of our company DNA and support all our people in achieving their best, in an environment where everyone thrives and actually enjoys coming to work!  

We have four stand-out values that really make up our DNA:

  1. Fly in Formation
  2. Make New Mistakes
  3. Seek the Win-win-win
  4. Living Above the Line

In addition to using our values as a moral compass, so to speak, we recognise Mojis for living into these values on a weekly basis, at the end of our All Hands meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays. This helps create a culture of reward and recognition and helps to further integrate them into our culture.

What are some of the standout employee benefits?

Our work perks and benefits support all Mojis to feel comfortable and supported at work, helping to improve life outside of work. We have a culture of surprise and delight here! Some of our benefits include:

  • Mental health days (different from annual or sick leave)
  • Annual learning and development budget of £600
  • £80 wellbeing budget every month
  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Paid carer’s leave

Watch our video below with Hannah Halder, Head of People Ops at Vita Mojo, to learn about their growth history, culture and benefits! Want to become a fellow “Moji”? Vita Mojo are hiring! Sign up to Tempo to take a look at available opportunities. 

2nd place: Moss

Superpower: Empowering finance teams with the one-stop-platform for all expenses.

In 3 words, how would you describe the culture at Moss?

Fast-paced, quality first and team spirit!

What makes Moss a great place to work?

Moss provides unparalleled learning and growth opportunities. We see people thriving from interns to team leadership roles in under two years, thanks to the constant coaching and learning and development opportunities. We also have fun together! This year, the whole company gathered for a team party in Berlin.

What are your company values and how are they promoted?

Based on interviews and conversations with Mossers throughout the organisation, we have captured and refreshed the core values that make our culture unique:

  1. Seek the Exceptional
  2. Obsess Over Customers
  3. Bring Laser Focus
  4. Run It
  5. Win as One Moss

Values are promoted during onboarding sessions, monthly company All Hands meetings, and in-office activations. We also plan several surprise activities for our first company retreat this year.

What do you value the most about working at Moss?

The people here and their approach towards work. Moss has been great at hiring personable, smart people who, from day one, have been eager and willing to show support, share ideas, and create a culture of team success that ties into our value of ‘Win as one Moss’ perfectly. Mossers of all seniorities show interest in other people’s roles and their challenges and engage with you personally, giving you a real sense of identity as part of Moss.

Throughout Moss, there is a shared belief in what Moss is, in what we are trying to achieve in pursuit of becoming THE spend management platform in Europe. There is enormous excitement in our long-term mission and vision. And it all ties back to Moss’s product quality and the people working here.

What are some of the standout employee benefits?

  • Learning and development budget (€600 annually)
  • Relocation allowance (up to €3000)
  • Mental wellbeing (1:1 coaching and workshops)
  • Work from abroad (up to 3 months within the EU and UK)
  • Dog-friendly offices
  • Goodies and onboarding (carefully selected, sustainable products)
  • Company events (annual team party in Berlin and company retreat)

3rd place: Bippit

Superpower: Tackling the cost of living crisis by giving employees free access to 1:1 financial coaching.

In 3 words, how would you describe the culture at Bippit?

Transparent, supportive, and collaborative

What makes Bippit a great place to work?

Many businesses would talk about their team or the office environment for this answer, but I think the reason our company is a great place to work is the real life impact and difference we are making to the lives of ordinary people. Everyone on the team has so much passion for our mission to bring financial education and knowledge to every UK employee. We’re working side-by-side every day with genuine care and support for each other to make sure that people across the UK and beyond are getting the help they need, no matter their age, background, or situation.

What are your company values and how are they promoted?

  1. People First. Whether it’s the team or our customers, we respect and value everyone and their passions.
  2. Always Diverse. Recognising and celebrating our differences, and more importantly, talking about them! 
  3. Think Big, Start Small. We all have a big dream, but we break that vision down into manageable goals and challenges that we can tackle with confidence.
  4. Every Day Matters. We focus on improvement every hour of every day, in the world and what we know about our customers. 
  5. Strong Beliefs, Weakly Held. We aren’t scared to change the mould or adapt when data and circumstances tell us we have it wrong.
  6. Open By Default. Honesty, transparency and authenticity comes from the top down. Whether it is sharing success or defeat, we share in this together.

What do you value the most about working at Bippit?

The belief we have for each other, and full autonomy to get on with the job. The team is always there to bounce ideas off or talk through tricky scenarios, but ultimately we are trusted to get the job done.

With this comes with a lot of respect amongst the team, where everyone is very appreciative of each other’s ideas, and this is because each person has been hired to be an expert in their field while supporting each other in other ways. Ultimately, we‘re like one big family.

What are some of the standout employee benefits?

  • Unlimited financial coaching
  • Personal development coaching
  • Life assurance and wellbeing support
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Enhanced cash plan via
  • 24/7 digital GP
  • Mental health support
  • Annual leave KPI – no maximum holiday allowance, but there is a minimum!
  • Annual retreats

And there we have it! The UK’s Top 3 startups to work for in 2023. We’re excited to see what these companies continue to achieve and where they’ll be next year. If you’re looking for an opportunity at top UK startups, sign up to Tempo today. We’ll match you with the perfect job for your skills and help you take the next step in your career. If you haven’t already, check out the full Super Startups 2023 list here.