Jun 15th 2022

MoneyBox: How they used Tempo on their scale-up mission

Moneybox has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years; since it was founded it has managed to start and champion conversations around a relatively misunderstood subject – personal finance. With its rapid popularity amongst UK users, Chloe, Talent Partner at Moneybox, was tasked with growing its Customer Operations and Support teams to make sure their expanding customer base had access to top-quality support when they needed it.

The Company

Moneybox is a FinTech app with the aim to turn your money into something greater. Founded in 2015 they now help over 850,000 customers across the UK to gain control of their future, whether it be through investing in Stocks & Shares, putting funds aside into a personal pension or saving for a future home.


Why Tempo?

We caught up with Chloe, Talent Partner and Tom, Talent Sourcer to understand more about why Tempo was the perfect match for Moneybox’s hiring plans.

Growing a team in a short period of time is always challenging, Moneybox, therefore, needed a platform that allowed them to have access to volume hiring and easy qualification of candidates at the tip of their fingers.

How did you come to choose Tempo as a partner? 

“We found Tempo because we were not getting many direct applicants and it was at a time whereby we were on an upward trajectory with growth plans and we needed volume. We needed to scale our support team from 5 to 30 – we needed volume, speed and quality.”  – Chloe, Talent Partner

What’s one of the reasons Tempo was a great fit for Moneybox?

“The really nice thing about Tempo is that it is still on us as recruiters to approach and evaluate candidates – it’s what we are good at and it’s been an important part of working with Tempo as it enhances the candidate experience knowing they are dealing directly with us.”  – Chloe, Talent Partner

How easy was it to start using Tempo?

“The Tempo platform is incredibly easy to use, very straightforward and you can basically log on and get started after 5 minutes of logging on, you’re instantly speaking to candidates which is great!” – Chloe, Talent Partner

What’s one of your favourite features on Tempo?

“The best thing for me about Tempo is the quality of candidates that are on the platform, they are all very relevant to what we’re hiring for our customer support team in terms of their background… oh! and how easy it is to use, the candidates are very engaged and tend to come back very quickly to us which is always a huge benefit.

I know when I’m reaching out to candidates I’m going to have a really good quality conversation” – Tom, Talent Sourcer

Would you consider recommending Tempo?

“We would 100% recommend Tempo as a hiring platform to any business looking to grow rapidly, they’ve been amazing at supporting us. I would not hesitate to recommend Tempo to anyone” – Chloe, Talent Partner


Hear it for yourself and watch the full video of Chloe and Tom below!