Nov 21st 2019

News Update: What will the function of HR look like in the future of work?

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With technology taking a greater share of HR’s tasks, what will HR’s function look like in the future working environment?

At UNLEASH, the #1 event for senior HR tech buyers, industry suppliers and innovators, Janina Kugel, chief human resources officer at Siemens, asked HR professionals “What is the fun part in your job? Is it doing the same repetitive task, or is the fun part having some indications of where we actually believe the world will move to, and to [create] the environments that we know will actually attract talent?”

Technology is increasingly taking over administrative tasks; Siemens has created a HR chatbot so teams do not have to answer the same questions multiple times per day. Kugel says HR professionals now have more time to place focus on the longer term objectives of the company and develop a workforce that can succeed in the continuously changing working environment.

HR has historically been associated with more administrative tasks, but a new HR partnered with technology will create a more transformative approach to the attraction and retention of talent. And by becoming more aligned with business priorities HR will become an increasingly business critical function for growth.

Learning and development

With many organisations experiencing skills shortages in some areas, Kugel says HR needs to ensure employees have access to continual learning and development. Kugel states, “unless you can retire next year you will have to learn new things in your career.” The entire workforce across every demographic needs to be able to consistently learn and develop particularly in this fast changing environment. It lies with HR to make sure their workforce has the tools to stay relevant and succeed.

As mentioned by Kugel, HR will be involved in looking at what the future of work holds and how they can best prepare their workforce…much more fun than repetitive administrative tasks.

Cross-functional collaboration

Kugel mentions the second priority for HR, alongside continual learning and development, will be encouraging cross-functional collaboration to help deliver on business objectives. Seamless collaboration across teams is highly important to create agile, responsive teams. A key focus in the increasingly fast-moving working environment employers now operate in.

In hierarchical or old fashioned businesses creating an environment that encourages, or is conducive to, cross-functional collaboration is a challenge. Siemens holds hackathons events so employees across the organisation get together and develop new ideas.


To ensure workforces are engaged, learning and collaborating, HR has the opportunity to think strategically and innovatively about preparing the workforce for the future. As technology continually disrupts the world we work in, and the way we work, the functions of our roles will also change and evolve.

At Tempo we recognise the growing need to adjust not only the management of talent but also hiring practices to future-proof workforces and ensure business growth. One key change will include hiring employees for specific needs or projects. Employees can be brought on with shorter term contracts, for example when going through a particularly fast period of growth. By changing the way hiring teams manage talent, they can ensure their organisation are agile and reactive to the changing demands of the working world.


HR teams should be excited for the future and the evolution of their function. Partnering with technology, HR’s role will take on a far more transformative and strategic aspect. More importantly, HR’s function will be more critical than ever for business success; the key to business success is talent and ensuring talent can perform in such a fast moving, demanding working environment will be a challenge for HR…but a fun one at that.

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