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December 6, 2018

Anything is possible with the perfect profile

Hands up who hates talking about themselves? Yeah, quite a few of us. It’s no wonder then, that when it comes to updating our CV or signing up to new websites, it can feel like the most daunting task ever. Where do I even start? Let alone perfect my profile?

Fear not, Liv is here.

Don’t get me wrong, I was the first to raise my hand to the first question - I hate talking about myself. However, over the years, it’s something I’ve had to work on, and of course with my job, I talk to so many of you facing similar issues.

That’s why I wanted to put down some advice that has genuinely helped me over the years, as well as our other candidates on the platform:

1. This is the most important point, which is why it comes first:


Yes, those three words made infamous by Nike that the rest of the world wishes they could claim ownership too. But it’s true! This applies to so much in life - not just running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest.

Stop thinking about it, stop dawdling, stop worrying and just throw yourself in the deep end.

Then we can start raising the bar…

2. Once you’re in you’ll see how simple the platform is to use. Start by filling out all the basic details including what sort of role you’d like, what’s your background, skills, experience and your education.

A few tips when filling out your profile:

Be HONEST and as OPEN as you can. Know what you are looking for and what would be the best fit for you personally. We just want to make sure we match you to the right roles. Make your skills and experience are RELEVANT. Don’t just state the obvious, put down the skills that make you stand out to employers e.g. languages, knowledge of systems and courses.

3. Now we can start making you stand out from the rest by recording your video...

We know... Very few of us like being on camera and it can be very cringeworthy to look into the lens and talk about why you’re so good, BUT: a) We’re all in the same boat; b) It saves you time in the long run and; c) It boosts your chances of getting matched by a whopping 72%!

Enough said? Ok, let’s get cracking:

Start out by jotting down a basic skeleton script - even one word per section - just to serve as a guide and help you keep your flow as you’re talking. It could be something like this:

Intro: e.g. “Hi, my name is Ben, I live in Camden and I’m looking for a part-time admin job with a London charity.” (It’s also important here to get straight to the point as soon as possible!)

Background: Give a brief synopsis of what you did and where and remember to add what value you brought the company, e.g. “I’ve spent the past few years working in Administration for charities, such as Cancer Research and Macmillan - a cause that is close to my heart - and thoroughly enjoyed putting my skill set to good use in helping the team operations run as smoothly as possible.”

Current situation: e.g. “After taking a six-month break to go travelling - an experience which has truly enriched my world outlook - I am back in the UK and looking to get back into work.”

Be open about what you’re looking for in your next role. Sure, you may not have it all figured out, but if you have any preference over location or working hours, now’s your chance to say it! e.g. “I’d love a role in a small team where I can make a difference, ideally in North London and working 2-3 days a week”.

Be careful not to ramble on or waffle, remember to speak clearly and audibly, make sure you are dressed suitably, and in well-lit surroundings.

You have 90 seconds, so make them count!!

Check out this blog post for more advice on how to do your video.

Once you’ve done this, make sure your profile is as complete as it can possibly be and you’ve uploaded a great photo of yourself. Then that's it you’re ready to start matching to relevant role!

Wishing you all lots of luck peeps and just holler if you need a helping hand ;)

Liv x

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