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August 23, 2019

Do you need a Head of Happiness?

We spend most of our lives at work, so it’s only right that we try to make it enjoyable as possible. As the number of companies up their game in the wellness stakes, we have dedicated this blog to look at what makes employees happy, and, if you need a head of happiness in your business. So step aside Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, while we deconstruct how important days out, ball pits and Krispy Kremes are to staff.

A sense of belonging

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There’s no better feeling than being ‘part of a team’ and a Head of Happiness can engage people in such a way that makes work feels like family. From pub lunches to activity days, a Head of Happiness can be responsible for engaging employees through planned activities throughout the year. Often falling to the bottom of the list for HR teams, activities planned by a ‘Head of Happiness’ means that creating a fully inclusive work culture stays top priority.


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We all love a surprise and adding value is just one of the ways to further engage employees. From randomly dishing out vouchers, letting everyone leave early, or turning up with cake; a Head of Happiness can be responsible for delivering the unexpected. Only last month, Gordon Ramsey hit the headlines when he surprised a member of staff in the US by renovating her home. It left her absolutely speechless; but also probably made her loyal to Gordon for life. (Granted, a public persona with a stash of cash can do something like this a tad more easily than your average “Chief of Fun Officer”, but you get our drift.)

Personal development

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Continued professional development (CPD) is generally taken care of by HR in most companies, but personal development is something that gives employees a lease of life outside of work. From learning a new language, volunteering, or taking a sabbatical, Heads of Happiness can help to ensure that employees reach their goals outside of work. As more staff look for employers that support them away from the 9 to 5, having a Head of Happiness has never been more important. From sponsored treks to night school, Heads of Happiness can have it covered.

Happiness in your workforce really does run deeper than seeing smiles in the office. Gone are the days of keeping business separate from personal lives - with many people taking work home with them and staying connected much longer than we were ever meant to - the attitude is changing now, and it’s important to remember to treat your employees as people, not just workers. The results of a happy team lead to better team work, higher productivity, and longer retention rates - which all result in a more successful business.

So whether you’re up for getting involved in the Krispy Kremes yourself, or are more focused on the balance sheet at the end of every month, there are massive benefits to both sides of this with a more content team around you.

avi-richards-423607-unsplash If you want to work for a new business that puts happiness first, sign up for your free account with Tempo today to check out the roles that HR teams and Head of Happiness alike are currently recruiting.

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