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May 23, 2018

Tips for writing the perfect job description

Whether you are looking for a temp for a couple of weeks, or a few months, our tips will help you put together a compelling and concise job description that will land you the perfect new hire.

Step 1: Know who you’re talking to

Take a minute or two to get into the mind of the applicant. Ask yourself what is it about the role they may be most interested in? The chance to learn from a great team and propel their career forwards? Getting to work in a cool environment? Being allowed to dress down and work flexibly? Perks like Friday afternoon drinks and free yoga are always popular, too, if your company offers this.

If you’re not sure, it’s worth asking your colleagues why they love working for the company and incorporate some of this into the job description. brooke-cagle-195777-unsplash

Step 2: Be interesting

Let’s be honest, writing a job description is not exactly exciting. If you find it boring, what will the temp think? Yes, the job description must sound professional and sell the company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject some personality into it. Avoid using corporate jargon, although if you must, use it sparingly.

Experts say that including too many opaque phrases in a job description has shown to put people off applying because they are unclear what the role involves. And, we have to agree with them. woman-hand-desk-office

Step 3: the Devil's in the detail

The secret to writing a great job description involves finding the right balance of providing enough detail and at the same time making sure it is concise. (Not an easy task, we know.) Including too much information runs the risk of boring people to tears. Plus, it may dissuade some from applying, and the aim of the job description is to get the best applicants to hit that ‘Apply’ button.


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