May 29th 2019

Tempo Talks: How to Build a Brilliant Candidate Experience

Recruitment used to be an employer driven process with employers often having multiple candidates to choose from. But the power between candidate and employer has changed. Low unemployment rates and increasing demand for more specific skill sets has given way to a power shift towards a more candidate driven job market. With this in mind, re-examining an employer’s hiring strategy in relation to this change is critical in maintaining a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

This shift in power is illustrated in how candidates now react to bad experiences throughout hiring processes; Lever states 60% of job seekers have quit an application midway due to its length or complexity and more than two thirds of job seekers turn down a job if their impression is substandard. Overlooking the candidate experience will result in losing out on top talent and put pressure on resources internally.

Additionally, in a digital, hyper-connected era a bad interaction with an employer is amplified as 72% talk about it to friends or share their experiences online, contributing to the wider employer brand. Employer branding is not only key to attracting talent with MRI stating 69% of candidates rankemployer brand very important when considering a job offer but has far deeper long-term business implications affecting how customers perceive a company’s goods and services.

The hiring process needs to take into consideration the shifting attitudes of candidates toward the working world. They are looking for companies that share their values; companies that are modern, engaging, interactive and honest. A company’s hiring process can be considered a direct reflection of the culture and outlook of the company itself.

The inability of an employer to adapt a hiring process in line with the contextual changes goes further than recruitment, permeating employer reputation and going as far as damaging an employer’s bottom line. There is evidently a lot at stake for employers when it comes to evaluating their hiring methods. So how do employers ensure they are not overlooking the candidate?

Do you want to know more about how you can build a brilliant candidate experience? How you can attract top talent and strengthen your employer brand?

Join Tempo at WeWork Bishopsgate on 29th May where we will be speaking to leading HR Practitioners and experts from the likes of Diageo and HMRC on how to build a candidate focused hiring process.

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