Oct 8th 2019


The second half of 2019 is looking to be a great one. We’ve already shipped a number of features that we know will make our employers’ and candidates’ lives easier — a central focus of the product team.

Improving our product isn’t just about removing pain points and streamlining current features, though. We must strive to be creative, not simply reactive.

That’s why we’re really excited about the currently-in-development Company Dashboard; one of our biggest features to date. However, whilst I’m looking forward to sharing this with you in a future post, I wanted to provide a low-down of what we’ve released in Q3/4 so far. Here goes:

Tempo for employers

Company profiles

We think it’s important for companies like you to be able to market themselves to candidates on our platform, whilst candidates should be able to get a feel for the companies they’re interested in. With these goals in mind we released our first version of the company profile page.

Every company currently hiring on the platform now has a profile page where all candidates can see their live jobs and a bit of information about the company itself. It’s received a great response from candidates, and we’re really excited about where we can take this feature in future iterations.

Viewing Tempo’s profile as a candidate

Increased visibility of candidates

If the Tempo platform does not facilitate a considerably quicker hiring process than the norm, the product — in our eyes — has not been completely successful. Our matching lists massively contribute to the speed of our process: a list of c.10 of our most suitable candidates, which appears almost instantaneously and continuously updates throughout the time the job is live. This enables you to find candidates to interview without scrolling through hundreds of profiles (or CVs in a non-Tempo scenario).

However, we recognise that you may, on occasion, want more visibility than the match list provides. We’ve therefore enabled companies to see all candidates who have expressed an interest in their roleThese candidates can be found in a menu at the bottom of the match list. Go to My jobs > Manage job > Matching candidates and scroll to the bottom.*

*This is not a feature we have currently rolled out across all accounts. If you’d like to see all interested candidates and cannot currently do so, please let your Account Manager know or email me on elliott@heytempo.com.

Arranging interviews

Previously our interview calendar only allowed time slots to be selected up to one week in advance. Though we love a quick hiring process, we know a one-week window isn’t ideal — hiring mangers are busy people, and might not have the time to get their interviews done within the coming week. So, as you’ll be able to see when arranging an interview, you can now suggest time slots up to four weeks in advance.

Employers can now scroll across multiple weeks to select interview times

Team member notifications

The majority of our employers have more than one team member associated with their account, and we’re keen to make Tempo as versatile as possible to accommodate for these multiuser accounts. As part of this, we’ve enabled companies to dictate who gets notified for a specific job — a feature our users were keen for us to implement. As part of this feature, we’ve made sure notifications are assigned to the team member who posted the job by default.

If you’re an employer on Tempo you can change your job notification preferences by going to your job posting and selecting Preferences.

My Jobs > Manage Job > Preferences

Placement termination dates

We received feedback from employers using the platform that it would be useful to see when an employee’s placement is coming to an end. As you can see below, we made this information clear under the candidate’s name within the placements tab for each job.

Placement termination dates are now clear for employers to see

Improved matchlists

We’ve continued to optimise our algorithm, meaning the quality of our matchlists has improved. Additionally, we’ve streamlined our internal processes with admin panel improvements. This has given our Customer Success team more time to help employers find the right candidates, and candidates find the right employers, which in turn has further improved matchlists.

Tempo for candidates

Location preferences

Attaining the right data from candidates as they go through on-boarding is vital to understanding which of our sixty-or-so thousand candidates are right for each job. Location is an important part of this, so we’ve allowed candidates to make their location preference clearer, whilst also adding options for Cardiff and Southampton as we continue to expand into these new areas.

Location is now the second step in our on-boarding process

More complete profiles

In the past months, with some simple but effective prompts, we’ve successfully encouraged 20% more of our candidates to add profile pictures. We think it’s important for you as an employer can get a sense of a potential employee’s personality through a picture and video. Fortunately, companies on Tempo clearly do too, as candidates with a picture and video are considerably more likely to land a job through the platform than those without.

A typical candidate’s profile


Out with the old, in with the new: we’ve rebranded our entire website.

The fresh face of one of our employer-facing pages


Investing in the future

Given our current growth trajectory we decided now was a sensible time to invest dev-resource into smashing bugs, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. Though a painful process at the time, we’re already reaping the rewards and hopefully our users are noticing it too. In the past month the number of bugs we’ve fixed has dropped by 60%, freeing up more dev-time for feature work and architectural improvements.

Get in touch

Hopefully this update has been insightful, and the features talked about here have bettered both our employers’ and candidates’ experience using Tempo. We’ll be sharing our feature releases with you on a more regular basis from now on, and we can’t wait to shout about the exciting new Company Dashboard once it’s live.

In the meantime, please do get in touch with any product-related questions, queries or requests.

Elliott Perks
Product Manager