Nov 11th 2020

Product Update #11 – User permission for team members, one-view candidate profiles and social sign

Although we have entered into lockdown 2.0, that hasn’t stopped us from building a whole host of exciting new features for you. Here’s what we’ve been busy bringing to life over the past few weeks:

User permissions for team members 

During this build cycle, the platform took a big step forward in terms of its maturity. Previously, we only had one user type. Everyone on your team could view and manage all parts of your account; from job postings to timesheets, to billing. However, as larger organisations have started using Tempo, we’ve seen increased demand for a permissions layer to be introduced. And guess what? Now it’s here.

As of last week, you can control which jobs are seen by who, and which actions can be performed by which team members. These permissions can be custom-chosen by account admins, or admins can assign a team member from one of our pre-selected permission types.

We’ve made all team members company admins by default, so you can now go in and assign permissions to your team members as you see fit. Go to your ‘My team’ tab to check out this super slick new feature, and have a play around!

One-view candidate profiles 

We’ve shaken up how candidates view and edit their profiles, allowing them to get a true understanding of how employers get to see them. Candidates now build and edit their profiles in the exact same format that they are seen by you.

We’ve seen this drive up the level of information candidates are putting on their profiles, which is great. These changes also allow us to do more with candidate profiles – like offering guidance on how to create the perfect video. It also allows us to better think about where we can take them going forward. All in all, it’s a really exciting change for candidates and one which we hope you, the employer, will benefit from.

Social sign-in

Manually entering your email address and password is a thing of the past. You can now sign up and log in to Tempo – as a candidate or an employer – with Google.

We’re soon to add Facebook sign-up and login (just for candidates), too. Watch this space! Aside from this, we’ve been doing some technical work internally to improve our own Product Development and Customer Success processes, which will allow us to ship new features faster and improve your interaction with members of the team here.

That’s all for now! As always, please reach out with any questions.

Elliott Perks
Product Owner @ Tempo
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