Jan 27th 2021

Product update #12 – Bulk actions, rejection templates, more relevant candidates and interview stages

It’s a new year, and although right now the months feel as long as they did pre-Christmas, the Tempo platform has grown once again. So that’s something to be excited about, right? Here’s what’s new!

Action multiple candidates at once

We’re all about improving candidate screening speed here at Tempo. Our latest foray into this area brings with it the introduction of multi-select functionality, allowing you to shortlist, reject and interview multiple candidates at once from the matching tab.

For now, we’ve only introduced multi-select for two interview types: Task and Video Q&A. Choose the candidates you want to interview, shortlist or reject in a few short clicks!

Rejection templates

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve the candidate rejection experience, whilst also making sure we don’t hold unrealistic expectations of you. Candidates really appreciate a few words from employers when things didn’t progress as they’d hoped, but we can’t expect you to go into great detail about every unsuccessful candidate – no matter how much you’d like to. Instead, you can now create and use rejection templates. These can be edited in the new “My Resources” section. 

More relevant candidates

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to improve our candidate onboarding funnel. As part of this, we recently released a chatbot that not only makes the signup process more simple but also qualifies out less-relevant candidates. As a result, we’ve improved both the number and quality of candidates coming onto the platform. But we’re not done there – stay tuned for further updates!

Interview stages

At a time like this where the job market is filled with such uncertainty, candidates want nothing more than clarity when it comes to the hiring process. We’ve therefore enabled you to add interview stages to your job postings. There has been a great uptake of this so far, so we hope you enjoy using it!

That’s all for now! As always, please reach out with any questions.

Elliott Perks

Product Owner @ Tempo
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