Nov 19th 2019


It’s been another busy month here at Tempo, with six exciting new product features to report. Here’s a quick low down of them, fresh off the press.

New company homepages

One of our most exciting releases to date is the shiny new company homepage. This page allows you to track both your average and quickest hire times. It also gives you visibility of the hiring process across all of your jobs, which you can then break down on a job-by-job basis. Here’s a snap of what it looks like – login to your profile for the full view:

The new company homepage

We’ll be releasing a second version of this exciting new page in the coming weeks, so watch this space.

Clearer candidate availability

To make sure more candidates update their availability accurately, we’ve decided to increase the prominence of the ‘Availability’ section within candidate profiles. It’s basically right there in their face when they log in now. This way, you’ll know exactly when a candidate will be ready to start work.

We’ve reflected the availability status within the UI of candidate profiles, by changing the banner to a dark grey if they’re not currently available. It also includes an availability date of ‘not sure’, for those who don’t necessarily know when exactly they’ll next be able to start a new job.

The new availability state of ‘I’m not sure’, and the dark grey banner that reflects unavailability

Video Q&A explainer video (very meta!)

Video Q&A interviews are incredibly popular on Tempo and allow candidates show their personalities off to employers. In order to be as clear as possible about how to do a Video Q&A effectively, we’ve put an explainer video within the feature telling candidates everything they need to know to complete one successfully.

Everything a candidate needs to know to complete their Video Q&A

Improved candidate engagement

With a fast-growing candidate pool and an ever-increasing number of jobs coming onto the platform, it’s important that we ensure our candidates are as engaged with the product as possible. So, to improve engagement, we’ve created three key reminders for candidates:

    • Candidates who have completed on-boarding are now prompted to engage with new jobs on the platform, which has increased the number of candidates actively expressing interest in specific jobs on Tempo.
    • Candidates are now notified when they’re matched to a job, and are encouraged to express interest in that role if they haven’t already. This gives us a better understanding of which specific roles candidates are interested in, which in turn enables our algorithm to create better matching lists.
    • We’ve introduced email and in-platform reminders that encourage candidates to take action on their interview requests. Maximising interview completion rates is hugely important, and we know there are few things more annoying for an employer than a promising candidate not responding to an interview request.

These reminders are all fairly new, but the early data suggests they’re having the desired impact. We’re looking forward to tracking their progress in more detail over the coming months.

Until next month!

That’s all for November, but be sure to check back in for next month’s update! If you have any questions or ideas relating to the product, please do get in touch via LinkedIn or email — my contact details are below.

Elliott Perks
Product Owner @ Tempo

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