Feb 12th 2020

Product update #4: Language focus

January saw our first product releases of the new decade and a second successful month of trialing Basecamp’s Shape Up development process. Perhaps it’s here to stay…!

So, what’s been added?

Language requirements now supported 🎉

We’ve optimised the platform for companies looking to hire candidates with specific language skills. Four main changes have been made to accommodate this.

1. Additional languages section added to candidate profiles

Candidates used to list languages within the ‘Skills’ section on their profile, alongside competencies like ‘HubSpot’ and ‘Excel’. This did not allow us to understand a candidate’s level of proficiency. So, we’ve decided to separate languages out into their own section, where a candidate is required to input a level of ‘Basic’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Fluent’ with each language.

New ‘Additional Languages’ section on candidate profiles

2. Additional Language Requirements section on job posts

You can now specify language requirements when posting a job. Where multiple languages are concerned, you can dictate whether or not the perfect candidate needs to speak any or all of those languages, allowing you to hire (for example) a ‘Bi-lingual French & Spanish-speaking Customer Service Exec’, or a ‘French or Spanish-speaking BD Exec’ via one job post.

New Additional Language Requirements section on job posts

3. Languages recognised by the algorithm

Most crucially, we’ve tweaked the algo to recognise our new language functionality. This means that when you post a job requiring competency in certain languages, only candidates who meet those requirements will appear in your match list.

4. Only candidates who meet your role’s language requirements can express interest in it

Finally, we now only allow candidates who can speak a required language, at the required level, to express interest in roles that require language skills.

Here’s what pops up if a candidate expresses interest in a role they don’t have the language skills for

Share candidates with new and existing team members

You’ve let us know that not being able to share candidate profiles with other people involved in the hiring process can be a bit of a pain, so we’ve taken a first step towards solving this. When screening candidates, you can now share profiles with current team members, or you can add a new team member to share that candidate’s profile with. The profile is then shared via a link in an email. However, we’re not finished there, so stay tuned for more updates on candidate sharing!

Share candidate profiles via the new ‘Share profile’ button

As per usual, we’ve also squished a few pesky bugs and have made some internal improvements, which should all contribute to bettering your experience when hiring on Tempo.

Thanks for tuning in once again, and please get in touch with any comments or feedback!

Elliott Perks
Product Owner @ Tempo

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