Apr 8th 2020

Product update #6: Tempo-placed candidates, references and timesheets

This month brings to an end an incredibly successful first quarter of a new decade for the Tempo product team, who have completed TWELVE build projects since 2020 commenced. Stunning stuff.

Here’s a quick note on our latest additions.

Timesheets section for employers

We’ve long wanted to make it possible for you to view and manage all of your timesheets in one place. And guess what? That time has come. As of this month, you can filter and review all of your timesheets via the brand spanking new ‘My Timesheets’ tab on your profile.

Recognition of Tempo-placed candidates 

A number of our candidates – especially those seeking a career in temporary employment – find multiple jobs through Tempo. As you suggested, we thought it would be a good idea to make it clear which candidates have found work through us before. As you’ll see below, it is now clear which candidates have found a job through Tempo, and which exact work experiences were found through the platform.

The matching tab now shows which candidates have worked through Tempo before.

Experiences found through Tempo are now marked on a candidate’s profile.

Improved referencing

We know how much weight a reference can carry when it comes to hiring the right person. We’ve therefore made sure all employers are encouraged to leave a reference for temp candidates when their placement comes to an end. All references are then automatically added to a candidate’s profile. This should mean that, as well as being able to tell when a candidate has worked via Tempo before, you’ll also be able to see how they performed in the eyes of their previous Tempo employer. Fab.

More candidates!

As the old saying goes: the more candidates the merrier. True to this mantra, we’ve devised a sneaky little way of bringing more candidates onto Tempo, by simply re-engaging those who didn’t quite complete onboarding. So get ready to say hey to even more great talent!

That’s it for March! Thanks for tuning in once again. Please feel free to get in touch with any feedback, comments, or questions about our latest or upcoming features.

Elliott Perks
Product Owner @ Tempo

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