Jun 7th 2019

5 Reasons to Consider a Role in Sales

Maddy who works in sales here at Tempo says working in sales is a ‘rewarding job’ with ‘no limits on what you can achieve’.

Here are five reasons sales can be an exciting role and sets you up with a strong foundation for your career.


Working in sales requires targets to be set and hit each month. If these are hit month on month proving your capability at the role then you can have independence; working towards your own goals on your own terms and work with clients of your choosing. If you can maintain your performance, then you can work on your initiative.

Earning Potential

By working towards targets and on commission sales provides the opportunity to earn well above base salaries. Essentially, the harder you work the more it pays off. In other career paths hard work may not be so directly rewarded financially. And with that also comes the recognition and acknowledgement from senior management.

Problem Solving

A lot of the time what you are selling can serve as a tool that companies can use to integrate and enhance their products or services. Maddy in sales at Tempo says a large part of enjoying sales is derived from ‘finding solutions for clients’ and working collaboratively with clients to implement our tech into their institution.

Career Prospects

As with most businesses, they rely a lot on their income generated through sales. Sales skills can also be applicable to most products and services so a successful salesperson can move across industries and sectors with ease.

Sales enables you to learn your product and services intimately as well as their unique selling points and what clients want to know about them. This can allow sales to set you up to transfer across functions for example, into marketing and allow cross functional development.

Personal Development

Sales demands the development of a broader skill set such as communication skills, particularly being able to communicate from high levels of seniority as well as conflict resolution and the art of ‘closing’ deals. Such a developed skill set can be used throughout your career and puts you in good stead for climbing up the ladder. There is an enormous range of resources for salespeople to continually learn from. There are workshops, books and training programmes put in place to allow improvement in sales skills.