Nov 6th 2018

Five Reasons to Get into Customer Service this Christmas

Providing customers with great customer service has never been more critical for brands. Social media and the rapid growth of use, and reference to, user rating platforms such as Trustpilot has given rise to customer reviews of an experience with a brand a voice and large influence. 88% of consumers have stated they’ve been influenced by an online customer review of a product or service. With competition constantly biting at their heels, giving customers a reason to return to your brand is more prevalent than ever. Retaining loyal customers is not only ‘cheaper’ than attaining new customers but a great experience will lead to the development of a great reputation, free word of mouth marketing and ultimately the acquisition of new customers.

Not only are good brand experiences key to retaining customers and attracting new ones but equally bad experiences and reviews can highly detrimental to a business and with consumer’s expectations rising, brands need to place focus not only on the amount of resource put behind customer service but also its quality.

With companies placing more focus on customer service roles there are a variety of reasons why you should consider them.

1: Human Interaction

If you are a sociable person then this is the role for you. Not only do you get to interact with people on a daily basis, solving issues or looking after enquiries. Many jobs can lack human interaction I.E. looking at data, but customer service is quite the opposite. Not only are you speaking to customers but the role will frequently require a collaborative approach in ensuring the best service for your customers. Working as a team with your colleagues will be a daily requirement. So if you love working with people then look no further, this job is perfect for you.

2: Varied day to day

As brand touchpoints grow and opportunities for customer interaction increase customer service roles will include using platforms from social media to email. Requests and enquiries from customers will vary from day to day, as will the types of people you deal with. No day will be the same and will require a lot of initiative and team work to deal with the variety each day will hold. There is no doubt this is not be a dull role.

3: Transferable skills

Customer service roles are incredibly demanding job and asks a lot from your skillset. You will learn and develop across a wide range of skills from business essentials such as managing large workloads but also critical people skills such as conflict resolution and brilliant interpersonal skills. Dealing with enquiries and complaints from a variety of people demanding patience, empathy as well as initiative.

These soft skills are not only applicable throughout your career but are necessary with 77% of employers stating soft skills are just as important as hard skills.

4: Having a tangible business impact

You are a customer’s first interaction directly with a company. This interaction is vital in the experience they have and the way they think of the company and brand as a whole. Your role is key to creating a great interaction and building up the brands reputation. Great customer service can do wonders for business results online but also spreading the word to fellow consumers and attaining new customers.

5: Progression

The bulk of customer service roles have clear progression into managerial or team leader roles. If rising up the ranks quickly is important for you, then working in customer service is structured in a way that would suit you well. Clear paths of progression are not only an integral part of staying motivated in roles, but promotions and moving into managerial positions allow for the development of an entirely new skillset.

There is no doubt customer service can be incredibly testing, dealing with difficult customers or awkward requests can take it out of you. But the skills you develop as a result will give you a strong start in your career and skills that will hold you in good stead wherever your career may take you. With Christmas around the corner customer service roles will be most certainly flooding in as brands prepare for the busy period, so make sure to keep an eye on the Tempo jobs coming in and start your career in customer service!

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