May 30th 2018

Revealed: the most in-demand skills to jumpstart your career

When you think of “skills”, you might think of as things like project management or graphic design or admin, but we seem to overlook the softer abilities in people, like being a good team leader or responding well to criticism. Whilst both are equally essential (in life and at work!), it’s important to remember – especially in the evolving workplace – that the workforce is made up of humans, not robots, and this includes these more emotional traits.

With such evolving industries now too, this means there is a growing need for new, in-demand skills, so we’ve put together some of the most important ones – both “soft” and “hard” – that are sure to put you a cut above the rest:


Ok, so you knew this was coming. With the tech sector getting bigger and bigger by the minute, engineers that can keep up with the changing times are in BIG demand. Whether this is in software engineering, app building, or coding algorithms for AI, the best bet to futureproof your career is to add a C# or Python to your list of amazing abilities. Learn to code with Flat Iron School – – or Makers Academy.


The best companies out there are getting more diverse in their workforces (and rightly so, might we add). And this healthy mix covers gender, age, ethnicity, orientations, backgrounds… So its important to have a truly all-inclusive mindset when entering one of these forward-thinking businesses, and knowing to treat your colleagues, subordinates and seniors, with the same level of respect and kindness – regardless of their accent or sexuality.


No, we don’t mean making sure you get that assignment done in time for the deadline (although of course that’s totally imperative regardless of what job you’re doing!) but in this always-on and totally-connected world we now live in, the lines often get blurred between when you’re meant to be working, and when you’re meant to be taking some downtime.

This means it’s more important now than ever to effectively manage your own diary. If you’re working from home one day, pay more attention to the clock by taking note of when you opened your laptop and when you sent that final email later that day. Or set your own boundaries of, say, not checking your email over the weekend. It’s important to look after you too, so be careful to not let this age of hyper-connectivity cause you to burn out!

Check out Rescue Time for help.


With the Age of Information we are currently in, it is more important now than ever to prioritise your workload – for the same reason as the above. With mounting workloads, often excessive meetings, new products coming out all the time, events, new services being pitched to you… There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to handle all of this at once – as well as sleep, eat and rest! (God forbid socialise sometimes, too!)

One of the best tips to make sure you stay on track is to write a to-do list right at the start of the day, and not let anything else interfere until you tick those items off! Explore – – or invest in a gorgeous notebook – to stay on top of things!


Back to another hard skill here: with so much data available, and not to mention GDPR kicking in, one of the hottest skills to have is in data science. Be it in analysing data, acquiring it, or figuring out what to do with it after, are all essential skills for virtually every company on the planet right now. Learn about data science with the General Assembly here –

Ultimately, with technology taking over so many aspects of our lives, it’s little wonder the necessary skills to jumpstart your career are all heavily linked to this – in some way or another. Whether it’s hard skills in coding or data science, or soft skills in managing yourself and others, these are all surefire ways to help you on your way to professional improvement and working for an awesome company you deserve.

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