Aug 2nd 2019

Meet Rikke: Our new Head of Marketing

Hear about Rikke’s marketing experience so far, why she got into marketing and what she enjoys most about it!

What interested you in starting a career in Marketing?

I didn’t really grow up wanting to specialise in marketing. When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer but after six months at law school I realised that it would completely flip my life around in a way I wasn’t ready for (being 18 at the time I kind of wanted to live a little). I had this really awesome teacher once who taught something around business communications and marketing and I realised I was kind of good at it so I went on to do a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Master’s in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

Having been in Marketing for over 6 years what has kept you motivated in maintaining a Marketing career?

Marketing is so many different things and you have to keep learning, keep pushing harder and keep reinventing your approach. Consumers are getting smarter by the minute and that pressure really motivates me.

What personality traits/skill sets have helped you succeed in your Marketing career?

Being organised and adaptable at the same time – things move fast so it’s key to keep your head above water and keep track of what you’re doing; what’s working and what’s not.

Having taken on a couple of managerial roles and now as Head of Marketing, what advice can you give for managing and motivating a marketing team?

I think it’s key to give people the autonomy to do their work and to be transparent about what’s going on across the team. Working in silos can really kill productivity and it takes the reward away from hard work, so I’m a huge fan of collaborating and really using each other’s skills and input to deliver successful results. Imagine someone being involved in the first aspect of a campaign but never getting any insights to how it’s received by the end audience – that’s the reality in a lot of companies and teams, and not only is it demotivating, it’s also limiting people’s ability to grow as they never truly know where to improve and where to keep pushing.

Has your Marketing approach evolved over your career?

Definitely! I started out focusing on paid search and SEO and I wasn’t really aware of the breadth of marketing and how it fitted into the wider business strategy. I used to be fully focused on fewer things but it’s really key to look at any activity from end to end and see how it helps you meet your business objectives – for example, if you’re doing paid search it’s not just about keyword optimisation and conversions; it’s also about enabling your commercial teams, brand awareness, business revenue, position, and uncovering market trends and behaviours.

What advice would you give to those considering a career in Marketing, or looking to make their next career move into Marketing?

Keep learning. You’ll constantly find new tools, new competitors, new regulations and new opportunities you need to tap into. Subscribe to relevant industry newsletters, read books and share inspiration with your team/peers to get their thoughts on what’s happening around you. And lastly, share a highlight from your career so far!

Getting to join the fantastic team here at Tempo! I’ve met so many awesome people, been to some incredible events and worked on some crazy projects. I’ve also worked with some right wonkers. But it’s all led me to this opportunity.


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