Jun 10th 2019

Meet Rory. Our Driven, Independent Sales Executive

Rory has been with Tempo for nearly a year. Before Tempo he worked at a luxury travel company for two years in a B2C Sales roles. Nearly three years into Sales across B2C and B2B Rory gives his perspective of Sales so far.

Were you initially interested in going into Sales?

Yes! Always been interested in working in a commission based environment

What interested you in a Sales roles at Tempo specifically?

After meeting our two Co-Founders Ben and Ollie, I felt that I would have the freedom to do things in my own way and to experiment with the Sales process! It also seemed like a really fun place to work.

What was the biggest learning curve since starting in Sales?

Definitely learning how to manage my time! There are a lot of things to keep track of throughout the Sales process and learning to set reminders and keep track of what I’ve said and to whom was something I struggled with at first. But now I really enjoy this aspect of the role.

Now, a year into your role, what do you enjoy most about Sales? Has anything surprised you?

I really enjoy being able to manage my own time and work autonomously. I do receive some guidance but it’s nice to be able to work things out on your own. Working independently and reaching out to clients on your own accord can also result in working with top companies and people in very senior positions early on in your career. A Sales environment can also be fairly pressurising at times but actually it only drives me to rise to the challenge, work hard, and the payoff is really rewarding.

What parts of your skillset or personality has helped you succeed in your Sales career so far?

I think I went into Sales initially because of my people skills but, increasingly, I would say my biggest strength is that I’m really resilient! There are a fair amount of setbacks in a Sales role and being told ‘No’ but being able to overcome this and stay motivated has been a real driver in my Sales success.

Do you have a specific Sales approach you use? Has your Sales approach evolved throughout your time at Tempo?

Recently, due to some training from our Head of Sales, I have really tried to focus on finding a problem and providing the solution. This basically involves asking lots of questions until you understand what the person wants and then explaining how we can help, pretty simple. This also plays to my confidence so the approach works in my favour.

Do you think you will stay in Sales?

In all honesty, I don’t know! At the moment I really enjoy what I’m doing but, if I do decide to go in a different direction, my experience in Sales will have definitely set me up for different opportunities. Having grown further in terms of confidence, Sales has also given me the opportunity to develop my commercial acumen which will stand me in good stead whatever career path I choose to embark on.

Do you have any top tips for those looking to go into Sales?

Go in with an open mind, not all Sales jobs are what the stereotype suggests. For example, before working at Tempo I’d had roles in very full on ‘Sales’y’ environments but am now somewhere which is hard work but also fun and rewarding. There’s a Sales job out there that suits everyone….Also if you get knocked down, keep going, your hard work will pay off.

And lastly, what’s the highlight of your experience in Sales so far!

Probably receiving my first month’s commision… It’s a really good feeling to have your hard work rewarded.

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