Oct 10th 2019


For many of us, work is a major part of our lives. It’s where we spend a lot of our time, where we could have the most contact with other people and where we may make friends. Sometimes work or certain work environments could trigger distress for example, high levels of pressure, or exacerbate stresses we already have, such as personal pressures. Despite this, many suffer in silence. In recent Priory Group research, 71% of people they spoke to said they would worry about telling their employer if they had a mental health condition fearing a negative response. Many would even call in sick with a made-up illness rather than admit they were experiencing a mental health issue.

At Tempo, we recognise the role work plays in their employees lives and the duty of care employers have towards their team including their mental health. Not only this, but by acknowledging the stigma around mental health we want to create a more inclusive and open environment so those experiencing mental health problems can feel supported in the workplace. As a result, we began working with Sanctus in April.

Introducing Sanctus…

Sanctus partner with businesses to empower people to work on their mental health and fitness, whatever point of the spectrum they’re at, and be the person they want to be. They’re on a mission to change the perception of mental health by normalising conversations around mental health, removing the shame associated with suffering from mental health problems and increasing people’s understanding of the matter.

How Tempo works with Sanctus

Every month a Sanctus coach comes to the Tempo office to provide hour long sessions with any member of the Tempo team who has booked a session. These coaches are professional, trusted and experienced.  We have found that working with Sanctus coaches has been a welcome addition to Tempo life. Maddy from our Sales team has enjoyed working with Sanctus as they provide a ‘a uniquely safe space giving you room to express your excitement and worries about your work and personal life alike. It’s hugely therapeutic and something I look forward to every month without fail.’

Working with mental health organisations demonstrates a real investment in the Tempo team and is something we are really proud of. Nat, Account Manager at Tempo says, ‘I love the fact that we work with Sanctus as I think it’s crucial for businesses to invest in the mental health of their staff, I’m happy to be a part of a company that recognizes this.’

There are obviously business benefits for employers to invest in their employees mental health. As George Bell, Growth Lead at Sanctus, states ‘Companies that have invested in wellbeing benefits are enjoying a workforce that is more engaged at work, and more likely to stay with their current employer.’ But the benefits of investing in wellbeing goes further than just business as George says, ‘We’ve heard incredible stories of people’s lives being changed for the better thanks to having access to mental health support; and there aren’t many better feelings for employers than knowing they’ve helped their staff to grow in such life-altering ways.’

Thank you Sanctus!

Sanctus has been instrumental in the cultivation of a more open and inclusive culture over recent months. As a growing business this has been crucial for us to establish from the get-go and as we continue to scale we have no doubt this will stay an intrinsic part of our value system.

We want to thank Sanctus for all they support they’ve given Tempo so far and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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