May 27th 2021

Shattering stereotypes: 5 things you didn’t know about a customer success job

When someone mentions a customer success job, for most people the image of sitting on a phone all day dealing with angry customers comes to mind. This casts a negative shadow over what the role actually entails, and also over what the role can do for you as you climb the career ladder. It’s time to shatter this stereotype. 

So take a step back and shake that image from your head. Now let’s approach customer success with an open mind and ask yourself a few questions. Do you like constantly learning new skills? Do you get satisfaction out of making an impact on a company? Well, these are just a couple of the things you didn’t know about working in customer success. Want to know more? Then settle in and keep reading. 

Why have a customer success job

You’ll never be bored 

Customer success is a growing and evolving profession. So much so that you won’t have time to get bored. If things are having a bit of a lull within your company, don’t worry, because your customers will keep you on your toes. But it is highly unlikely you’ll be short of work. Customer success teams are exposed to the ins and outs of different teams, companies, and industries. You will work closely with people across the business and help make sure everything is running smoothly and your customers are happy. 

You’ll gain transferable skills 

Learning new skills is vital for any career. And when it comes to customer success, you won’t fall short in this department. You will need a whole host of skills to succeed in this role, and therefore you will constantly be developing along the way. These skills are highly transferable to whatever you decide to do next. Let’s take a quick dive into the top 5 transferable skills you will gain. 

  1. Communication. You will learn how to listen, build relationships, write emails, and much more from your everyday activities in customer success.
  2. Problem-solving. Customers, and even team members, will come to you with problems. You will learn not only how to be reactive to problems, but also proactive.
  3. Negotiation. You might not be making deals, but you will need to keep customers happy and give them what they want. This will often take some negotiation to get a positive outcome.
  4. Creativity. Coming up with a solution that keeps everyone happy will not always be straightforward. You will often have to put your creative thinking hat on to get the best outcome.
  5. Multitasking. Sending emails. Taking calls. Brainstorming solutions. Taking part in team projects. These don’t all take place one at a time. You will have to learn to juggle all these things and still perform at a high standard. No day will be the same. 

You’ll be able to deal with high-stress 

Whilst working in a high-stress environment doesn’t seem ideal, being able to deal with high-stress situations in a calm manner is important in life. You will learn how to be patient with rude customers, make decisions that will impact the business in a short space of time, and handle dealing with multiple issues at once. This strength should not be underestimated. It will make you highly valued at your company, as well as any future roles you apply for. 

You’ll learn to leave your ego behind 

There is a big difference between ego and self-confidence. We all need to be confident in our jobs and what we can bring to the table. But there is no room for an ego that makes you oppressive in the workplace. And customer success will remove any chance of that. You have to swallow your pride and do whatever makes the customer happy. You may even have to take the hit of a few insults or scoldings along the way. The positive outcome of this is an approachable, humble, and customer-centric employee. 

You’ll be an everyday hero

It’s true that not every hero wears a cape. And in the eyes of your company and your customers, you are that hero. See why below. 

  • Your company. You are the voice of the company and you create a better brand reputation for the business. You are a revenue-generating function and play a huge part in the growth of the business. 
  • Your customer. Everyone wants to make the world a better place, which you can do by adding value. With customer success, you are definitely adding value. You add value to your customers’ lives by giving them something they need or want through a product or service. You are dedicated to making a difference by keeping everyone happy. 

We all learn something new every day. In the case of customer success, we hope this blog has done just that. Shattering that stereotypical image into a thousand pieces. From invaluable transferable skills to the chance to make a difference, a role in customer success can really give you job satisfaction. Who doesn’t want a job that gets you up in the morning and doesn’t make you dread Mondays? So if all this has caught your attention, then check out all the exciting customer success roles we have on the Tempo platform. Just hit the button below to get started.