May 11th 2021

Shattering stereotypes: Spotlight on… Ruby and her experience in a marketing role

If you are a marketer or have introduced yourself as a marketer, you have probably encountered certain statements that come across as being misconceived stereotypes about a marketing role. Some of them can be as ridiculous as thinking that all you do is pick what colour branded pens to order for the next event. So how do you gain some proper insight into the role and shatter those stereotypes without ever having actually experienced it? 

Meet Ruby. She is one of our Tempo candidates that we helped find a marketing role through the platform. We spoke with her about her experience to shine a light on what it’s like to work in marketing. 

Meet Ruby

Hi Ruby, please can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I am 24 and I am originally from Devon but I moved to London to study English and Film at Queen Mary. Through Tempo, I was able to land a role in marketing at a cool startup, Elfin Market, which I love working at. I have a rescue dog who takes up most of my time outside of work. 

And were you initially interested in a career in marketing? 

To be honest, it wasn’t really something that I deliberately set out to do. It kind of just happened. At university, I was working at a restaurant as a waitress for some extra cash. The restaurant ended up needing someone to help them with their social media to get their brand out there. So I decided to help out and do that alongside my waitressing role as I thought it would be a good experience in the future. After this, I then used my experience helping the restaurant with their social side of things to do volunteer work for a charity. I worked in social media management for them and was lucky enough to spend some time in Tenerife, which was really cool. Alongside all of this, I used to blog a lot, which was just another useful bit of skills and experience I could use down the line. 

What convinced you to take a role in marketing?

“All the experience I had gained during and after university pointed me in the direction of marketing as it seemed that was what I was best at.”

I knew that I wanted to work for a startup and I loved the idea of being able to go into a really small company. So when the community manager role became available on Tempo, I thought that would be the perfect next step for me and so I applied for it. Alongside the startup aspect of it, one of the other things that convinced me to take the role was that it was more than just social media. This was a big plus for me as it meant I would be able to expand my skillset and learn new things. 

Now you’ve been working in a marketing role, was it what you expected it to be like?

Yes at some level, but then also completely different at another. It’s difficult doing a marketing job at a startup to be able to predict exactly what it’s going to be like. The startup world is ever-changing and every company has a different way of doing things. But I didn’t expect to work so closely with the founders, which has been great. Also, the role itself has been a lot broader than I expected. I am constantly learning as I go along and branching out into new things. For example, I haven’t done advertising before and with this role, I am gaining experience in this for marketing campaigns. I also get the chance to work on content with people we partner with, which has really appealed to my experience in blogging but also made the role a lot more interactive than I thought. 

And on that note, what skills have you learnt in marketing that you think will be useful later on in your career? 

There are two sides to this. One is the skills you learn that will help you to move into more niche marketing roles. The other is skills that will help you to move into a different career entirely. When it comes to my career in marketing, my design skills have improved greatly when creating infographics, rather than just uploading photos onto social media. Together, both my photography skills and design skills will help me to move into the more design-heavy side of marketing. 

But if I wish to move careers entirely the transferable skills, such as communication, both written and also interpersonal when working with external partners, will come in very useful. Also, the ability to adapt to changing trends and different marketing approaches depending on what works will help me when adapting to a new role.  

Would you recommend marketing to others as a good place to start your career?

Yes, definitely. The great thing about it is that so much of marketing is online, and my generation spends so much time online as part of their everyday lives. This means a lot of it, especially social media, will come instinctively to Gen Z people like me. And it isn’t difficult to pick up any of the online technology.

“You are constantly learning, gaining both technical and soft skills – most of which will be transferable as you progress in your career.”

Do you have any top tips for those looking to go into a marketing role?

You don’t always know exactly what is going to work. Sometimes what you push out is successful and sometimes it will fail. There is a lot of trial and error involved in a marketing role, and it’s all about learning what works. Also learn to manage your time and own the role. Marketing has so many aspects to it, with so many things going on at once, you need to manage your time effectively. 

And lastly, what’s the highlight of your experience in marketing so far!

“I love having a job that genuinely feels like I’m on a career path that has so many other steps I can take and places I can go.”

For example, its shown me that I like graphic design and want to be able to incorporate that into my role, and marketing has given me the space to do that. 

It’s not easy deciding what you want to do. And whether it’s a role in marketing or something else, you shouldn’t let preconceived stereotypes ruin your chances of finding your dream job. Ruby used her experiences to help guide her into a marketing career where she is constantly learning and branching out, discovering that the role is not always as people expect.

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