Feb 16th 2021

Spotlight: How Juno got her dream job through a temp role 

You are more than your CV. So why let your application end up in a pile with hundreds of other applicants? It’s your time to shine. In the case of one of our candidates, Juno, she was looking to dip her toe into something new and wanted a temp role to help her test the waters. Through the Tempo platform, Juno landed an exciting temp role at a fast-growing startup that ended up being her dream job. 

At Tempo, we provide you with the tools to really show employers what you have to offer. Our platform has the option to record your own profile video, letting your personality shine through. And we also provide you with different routes into work that are more suited to you and your dream job.

Dive into Juno’s first-hand insight into how Tempo helps find the right job for you. For the full case study hit the button below

Meet Juno 

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2017, Juno secured her first job out of university working in customer operations. She worked across all teams in a small luxury travel startup, becoming a jack of all trades. She then further expanded her skillset when she moved to a larger travel startup.

But after the pandemic hit, she was made redundant. Juno, however, had been looking to change industries and took this as a blessing in disguise to push her into making the final leap. 

This desire to make a change in careers is becoming more and more common in the UK. In fact, a recent study by London Business School showed that 47% of people are in this position. In Juno’s case, she wanted to use the skills and expertise she had learned in her previous roles but wasn’t completely sure what her next step should be. “I set about using this time to look for different temp roles while I figured out exactly what I wanted.”

Alternative route into work

Juno decided to switch up her approach to job hunting and focus her attention on applying for temporary roles. This way she could get a feel for the company’s culture and mission and whether she was the right fit for the role. 

“I wanted to be able to experience a range of roles without the commitment of a full-time job.”

She had also discovered a passion for horticulture and started a course when she was made redundant. By working in temporary positions, she would have the flexibility to keep up her side hustle. 

However, one of the main reasons she chose to apply for temporary roles was because she found it the easier route given the current market. In fact, according to the KPMG and REC report on UK jobs, there was an increased demand for hiring in December largely due to a rise in temporary vacancies. 

“By starting out in a temporary position, I saw it as an opportunity to use the role to showcase my skills while on the job.” This is exactly what happened when she landed a role through Tempo at the fast-growing tech startup Tiney. They empower micro-entrepreneurs to offer easy access to childcare and education. 

Going from temp to perm 

Juno signed up to the Tempo platform and was offered a temporary job at Tiney in less than five days. The role was perfect for Juno as it was in customer service and played to her previous experience working in education. 

When she joined Tiney she was told that if she did well in the temp role, the position could go permanent. “This was a great route into work for me as I was able to build relationships with the team. It also gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and personality in a way that I would not have been able to in an interview.” Juno found that going from temp to perm meant she could land her dream job by proving herself in a less pressurised environment from the normal application process. 

How the Tempo platform help her

“It was really useful to have a super clear platform that had total visibility on the jobs that were relevant to me.” 

Juno found the Tempo team really helpful and supportive throughout her journey. On the platform itself, there were two features in particular that she felt really helped her to stand out from the crowd. 

One of them was the ability to record a video about herself. “The profile video is a great way to showcase your skillset. It allows you to emphasise your soft skills and give employers a better sense of who you are before they interview you. It is also the perfect chance to highlight what you are looking for.” In the case of Tiney, this is why they reached out to her in the first place. The other feature was the option to leave a note on jobs that she was interested in. “I could write a tailored reason for each hiring manager on why I was interested in each role. This, alongside my profile, was way more effective and less time-consuming than multiple cover letters.” Her experience with Tempo was so successful, she recommended the platform to a friend who also landed a role in no time. 

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